PTSD is a Thing After Life with a Sociopath

PTSD is most definitely a thing.
After a sociopath or narcissistic abuser we have it.
Even if our friends or family don’t understand.

— Even if we don’t understand.

girl_face_clip_art_18794[1]It might surprise some of us that the feelings we’re going through are PTSD. It may surprise our family or friends to realize that the pain, the terror, that broken feeling and all the weepy confusion is post traumatic stress. PTSD is a thing after a sociopath or a narcissistic abuser. What we’re feeling is normal. – And unavoidable. PTSD – stands for post traumatic stress disorder.

Post means after. So after trauma stress.  The word, “disorder” might sound intimidating. Not to worry. it isn’t permanent and there’s support in healing.

Here’s the thing: being with the sociopath is trauma from day one, so “post” or after they depart, we’re going to go through feelings that are uncomfortable and feel overwhelmed on the way back to ourselves again.

We just got hit by a freight train, no just gets up and walks away from that. We do sustain injury and go through “post trauma.” And we do need to heal and recover. Our emotions and deregulated nervous system are temporary. We can fully recover.

We’re really gonna be okay.

Post traumatic stress is the fall out in the aftermath of time spent with a sociopath. We don’t have a “disorder” as in, we’re gonna be like this forever and we’re permanently broken. No, this is temporary. PTSD is the normal result of trauma – and we can recover. Just like a cast heals a broken leg, there are specific effective methods and perspectives in order to heal PTSD after a sociopath.

We may feel all or some of the following things in PTSD after a sociopath: Profound fear. Weepiness and physical weakness. Sorrow, grief, despair, depression. Inability to concentrate on daily things, but have our minds flooded with thoughts of what happened. Extreme and sudden weight loss. Illness. Fatigue, abnormal sleep patterns, sleep in the day, but unable to sleep at night, waking in the early morning and not being able to sleep again, can’t sleep at all or sleep all the time. Nightmares. Fear of going places that hold memories related to them. Terrorizing recall of scenarios with them. Confusion, indecision and doubt. Emphatic desire to leave, move, change jobs or make drastic change. We might miss them so much we feel like we could die. We feel broken.

PTSD is a Natural Part of Healing From Trauma

So what is this thing? This post traumatic stress? What causes it? Judy Crane, a therapist in Florida in the U.S. describes the trauma that causes post traumatic stress in this way:

Trauma is… “Anything less than nurturing.
An event or experience that changes your
vision of yourself and your place in the world.~ Judy Crane

We decide what winning is.

In PTSD we are shocked, afraid, scared to death, sad, confused, wanting to die, crying all the time. We feel alone, or want to isolate ourselves, we find no one understands, we feel heavy, dark, overwhelmed, super stressed, grief stricken and wondering why this happened. Thinking it’s our fault, wondering if we’ll ever smile again, ever love again. Wondering how to get from broken to normal. Wanting our life back. There is no other way a person can feel after a collision and entanglement with a sociopath. This is what they do – and they love it. They’re born with an abnormal brain that clashes profoundly with our emotional brain.

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Healing Comes in Stages – Time is On Our Side

The recovery of true love scam comes in stages. Patience and self-love are necessary. Spending time only with those who truly love us is a part of the cure. Establishing and maintaining no contact with the con artist who hijacked our lives is essential. There is without a doubt hope after a sociopath or a narcissist.

If what we’re going through is misunderstood
the recommended healing could be so wrong it makes more damage.
Like putting a cast on our healthy hand instead of our broken leg.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Us – We Can Heal PTSD

Know this: Whatever we think is happening is not at all what they think is happening – it’s like living life in two parallel realities – without our knowing it – the sociopath is quite aware this is going on, this is their normal. – Now the thing is to untangle the intertwined, twisted history of the ride on a Tilt-o-Whirl so we can be free.

One of the most important things we can do is realize: this wasn’t personal. It looked like love, but it wasn’t. It was a raid, a home invasion, a breaking and entering through our hearts. It’s critical we do 3 things: 1. Go No Contact. 2. Really comprehend what a sociopath is. 3. Reframe the nightmare, this means looking at what happened through “sociopath colored glasses.” This wasn’t a relationship – it was a crime. – And keep in mind: No one robs an empty house. We are AWESOME.

Here’s to REAL True Love and Happiness!

Time to thrive!

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