3 Reasons Sociopaths Target Married People

Sociopaths target married people
as part of their unending collection of varied prey.

Sociopaths are busy, busy, busy, hunting. They must have enough rotating prey to secure their survival.

Sociopaths assess every person’s usefulness to them – and frankly – every one of us is potentially useful.

What is a sociopath’s “favorite” prey…?

Probably one that brings cash. Or… one that likes to party. Or arm-candy. Someone who owns their business. A person who works 9 – 5. Or 4 to midnight. Someone who’s retired. A married person. One without kids. One with kids. A single guy or gal. Someone divorced or widowed. Maybe one that brings cars, and laptops. Or one that brings in a roof, or food, or sex or drugs. Or… any and all of the above.

A sociopath is a sociopath is a sociopath.

There’s no such thing as being a sociopath “a little bit” or part-time.

3 Reasons Sociopaths Target Married People

Sociopaths Target Married People: Because They’re Sociopaths

They can’t NOT be what they are. There’s no on-off switch. They manage their impression and persona only briefly and sporadically – sooner or later, their nature shows through. This reveal of true-self often springs from one of the unwavering traits of a sociopath: pride in being slick, pride in their scam. They like to brag.

These creatures don’t mind if someone is married or not married. Older, younger, fatter, taller, skinny, good-looking, unattractive, a home body, a party person, rich, not so rich, works, doesn’t work… they need a harem, a flock, a gaggle of prey at all times.

Antisocial psychopaths don’t care about us personally in any way.

What a scammer cares about is our trust. Our empathy. That we’re strong, capable, and go all-in in relationships. That we believe in love. That we’ve known some kind of hard time. That we have normal, human self-doubt, fears, desires, needs and wants. Innate goodness, trust and interdependence with other humans. Since we’re all interdependent and innately trust, essentially: what a hijacking parasite first looks for is: a breathing human.

Sociopaths Target Married People – Risk and Control are High

Married Targets Risk All

That means you-know-who feels more cool. They may feel more braggadocious-power and self-gloating because they got a normal human to do something we generally feel is wrong right out of the gate.

Married Prey are Safe Prey

Sociopaths might feel more “safe” from being exposed by a married subject. It’s a given the married person won’t want to say anything to anyone no matter how bad it gets inside the nightmare. Hijacked married people have a whole lot to lose: a spouse they most likely still love, maybe children, possibly grandkids, a home: their whole life as they know it. Their sense of identity and who they are in this world. If we’re married the nut-job’s vindictive and blackmailing nature is a super-threat. The married person is inherently more vulnerable – and so easier to control.

True Story: Took a Lyft ride the other day with a male driver who started talking about his life. His daughter, his former work, and a current divorce. His wife had had an affair with their daughter’s gymnastics coach. The coach had a buncha other women and was “cheating” on his wife inside the affair. I asked a few questions. Answers: she had a nervous breakdown, is skin and bones, and cries all day. – I gave him my website and told him I could help…  his wife: for his daughter who now “hates” her mom; for himself as he said, “I loved her so much.” – He said, “Yah, yah,” nodding in agreement as I said – “She didn’t have an affair – she was seduced and hijacked by a sociopath: this was a crime, she’s in trauma.” He said, “I’ll give her your website as the last nice thing I do for her.” Marriage over. – In no way did he comprehend what I was saying. How could he…?

Married prey suffer secretly in ptsd, confusion and misplaced shame.
There is support and healing.

Sociopaths relate to concern for one’s position in life, and standing in a community.

Sociopaths know the value of position and place in life. This concerns them obsessively. It’s their survival. People of antisocial “personality disorder” care deeply about their “position” in the community; in the eyes of others they believe are watching them; in the eyes of future prey; in the eyes of the many offspring they put out; in minds of past prey; in their own little minds and twisted psyches.

In the case of a sociopath: their position is a lie, and not what it appears to be; it’s false and worth a pile of excrement. Nevertheless, in their limited deluded minds they don’t want to lose any of this. – The reality of their lives is a horror show.

Sociopaths know we don’t want to lose our place in the world.

These beasts don’t relate with empathy or compassion to the risk a married person they’ve hijacked is in – no. As with all our human concerns, our dreams, any emotions, and human needs or foibles: they use them to ensnare a target more deeply, for longer; to get more; to take more; to keep it and never be caught or exposed.

We do not attract sociopaths.
They look at all humans as prey.

Con Artists See all People as Potential Prey

It’s very real that sociopaths do target married people; it stems from this: they can’t not be a sociopath. Wherever they go, wherever they are: they’re hunting. Every person they come across is fair game. They need to snag as many lives as possible.

There is no on-off switch – a sociopath can only be what they are.

Know this: Antisocial psychopaths don’t learn anything from past exploits except new tricks. Their only feelings of regret or remorse center on not taking more for themselves than they might have.

Married, not married: it’s a scam, seduction, fraud.
It’s misrepresentation, embezzlement, theft, assault. 

These really aren’t affairs. It’s doubtful that most married people entangled by a sociopath would have gotten involved with a real person; it takes a lot of effort to go outside marriage. – A lot of effort to start an affair. In this case, the sociopath comes to us.

Prey is entrapped. Targets are lured.
This might happen to anyone of us if we don’t truly know
what a sociopath is and recognize them where they stand.

We are awesome! Sociopaths are not awesome. They’re specifically limited mentally, have no emotional intelligence, depend in a complete and total way on the lives of others. They need trust from others, the empathy they can temporarily draw with their lies from others. The strength and vulnerability of others. The whole human. — Without us they cannot survive. – Our great innate humanity far outshines them.

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