Marriage Fraud & Green Card Scam

Marriage Fraud is the Sociopath’s Dream.
Green Card Scam in the U.S.A. is a Notch in their Belt.

passport2Marrying for a green card is no big deal to a sociopath. They have no problem lying – they do it all day long. Telling lies that cross into committing criminal acts to gain what they’re after, are a-okay with them. Lies are their normal. Truth and lies are a blur, and at the same time – they know when they’re lying.

Marriage fraud for a green card scam is an incredibly common sociopath-con. 

Green Card Fraud is a Piece of Cake for a Sociopath

Green cards are handed out to married couples fairly easily.
It happens everyday in the U.S.

The application process with USCIS seems intimidating, but getting the green card isn’t as difficult as urban myth leads us to believe. USCIS holds the position that the American citizen deserves to have their spouse living along side them in the United States. They want our application to work out.

Getting a green card can be quite simple.

We’ve all heard stories of the couple who fought for years to be together in North America. What we don’t hear about are the hundreds of couples who get a green card in three to four months with no trouble at all.

That first “green card” – conditional adjusted status is good for two years. This begins with filing form I-458 as a couple and can end up costing $2,000 to $5,000 if we use an attorney.

Once they get this green card the immigrant is legal. They can work (Ha!), live, drive, have a car, rent or buy property, travel in and out, even get food stamps. They cannot vote in political elections – theyre meant to pay taxes. They’re not U.S. citizens.

Side Note: Giving birth to a baby while in the U.S. doesn’t make the foreign parent a U.S. citizen or give htem rights to be here; their infant is a U.S. citizen.

Before the 2 year green card expires another application, form I75-1, and more fees must be filed by our scamming spouse in order to remove conditions from their green card so that they can stay for 10 more years and during that time take citizenship. -That’s the big enchilada they’re shooting for.

The immigrant files this on their own an dneeds to proove they married  in good faith. However – sorry to say – in some cases after a divorce from the U.S. spouse who sponsored them, the green card scammer is able to get conditions on their status removed, obtain their 10-year green card and have the opportunity to take citizenship.

 USCIS and ICE see tooons of marriage fraud and green card scam.

dc6KqxKc9USCIS knows marriage fraud happens – its’ a big part of their job. Being tricked into a marriage we thought was real by a green card scammer to gain entry into the U.S. is a crime – on them. We as targets of fraud are not accountable for the scammer’s crime.

Here’s a list of several of the red flags USCIS looks out for. They are things like age difference, marrying quickly, and other rather obvious ideas. — But guess what? Couples make it through with as many as even 7 of these red flags waving.

Officials aren’t immune to a sociopath’s charms and the effect of the sociopath is so all-encompassing victims defend them right through the red tape and intense scrutiny of USCIS, believing all the time in their spouse and their love. The USCIS interview is basic and pretty much what one would think; this is enough to detect fraud. If USCIS suspects fraud the interview may be longer or in separate rooms. ICE provides an online PDF on marriage fraud saying:

Marriage fraud is: Neither victimless nor limited in scope, the crime of marriage fraud is anything but a trivial matter. Types of marriage fraud include: A foreign national defrauds a U.S. citizen who believes the marriage is legitimate.

Each word in this statement has significance.

The brochure goes on to say:

Further Consequences U.S. citizens who enter into fraudulent marriages assume great personal liability. The foreign spouse may gain access to sensitive, personal information including, but not limited to, bank accounts, safe deposit boxes, retirement and investment accounts, personal identity information, and family heirlooms.

Here’s the USCIS Marriage Fraud Brochure in full.

By Law Our Spouse Can Steal Our Things

This is the horrifying reality in the deep sorrow, grief and loss of marriage fraud. Once we realize it was a scam rather than a romance we’re better off, but it’s tough to watch his crime largely go unrecognized and unpunished.

We lose a lot: our money, belongings, irreplaceable jewelry, property, investments, In several states, once we’re married, what’s theirs is ours and what is ours is theirs. It’s called community property.

During marriage, as a legal spouse in nine states, they have the right to take, use, sell spend or distribute our belongings, monies, valuables, stocks, property, etc. in any way they like. Legally. By law, –they can steal from us. Our life savings may be $6,000 or 6 million – they will help themselves to our last dollar before we know what is really going on. They can use our credit cards until the cashier is ordered to cut them up. And it’s not a crime. They can take out a loan leaving us responsible. Buy a car and add our name – leaving us in debt and holding the bag.

In a divorce community property can be split to both parties by the Judge no matter who owned it first. In an annulment we each take our own things and it’s considered we were never legally married. Read about each here.

Divorce a Sociopath? Or Get an Annulment?

Annulment is given only in a few specific cases. Like fraud. Lying about another current marriage or domestic partner, concealing a vasectomy, infertility or impotence undisclosed before the marriage, and green card scam. More can be seen here on the topic. Do research for the annulment laws where you live.

Marriage fraud and green card scams are carried out in choice target countries. One destination very high on the list is the U.K. – here’s support with marriage scammers in the U.K. Holland is another country of choice.

Bottom line, a green card scammer wants any Passport.
One that takes them to a richer, riper, more free country.
Or out of the country where people are after them.

Report the Scamming Sociopath to USCIS and the FBI

Report the scam to USCIS. The green card holder is meant to report any address change – you can bet they won’t. We can do that. If we met and married our foreign spouse within the U.S. write a letter to the officer we interviewed with and the director of the immigration center.

Be straightforward and open-hearted. 1) We were in love when we married. 2) We found out we were tricked; they did not marry us “in good faith”. 3) They moved out. Give any address or contact information we have on our runaway scammer. 4) Let them know we no longer agree that this person should have adjusted status in United States. 5) Tell them anything we feel pertinent: like evidence of their criminal and fraudulent behavior and lies.

Contrary to word on the street:
We will not be held accountable for any scamming husband or wife.
We will not go to jail. We will not have to pay their rent and feed them.
We owe them nothing. We are not responsible for their crime.

Some of us meet a scammer outside our own country – in that scammers country of origin or residence. The scammer may come into the U.S. on a fiance VISA. This is a different process than meeting and marrying and applying for benefits all within the U.S. – Either way – report as soon as we realize we are married to a con man. Report to USCIS and Homeland Security where you live or in the largest city near you. Find office locations here.

Information to Report to USCIS on the Scamming Sociopath

The con man or woman’s full name.
Give their “A” Number, the number assigned to them by USCIS.
Copies of, or numbers from any birth certificate, Passports from any country, drivers’license from any country or state.
Social Security numbers or other state or country ID’s.
Car license plate.
VIN number if you have it, make and model of their car.
A recent full face photo.
Bank account numbers and the bank name or routing number.
All addresses you’re aware they use or have used.
And all versions of their name.
Telephone numbers.
Facebook page link.
Other social media or websites they have.
Friends or other wives names and contact information.

You get the idea. Give them everything you’ve got that could possibly lead them to him or her or be used to ID him if he’s travelling. – If you don’t have all this, don’t worry, give them what you do have.

Tell USCIS immediately when we discover the love is not real. Even though it’s our word against anyone else’s give them complete information. Let them know what was stolen: dollar amounts, property, jewelry; the debt we’re left in because of them.

USCIS can’t arrest them for theft or defrauding us, but the information will be attached to their permanent file following them everywhere they go in the world. If they try to get another U.S. green card, or if any countries authorities have any future reason to look into them (and undoubtedly they will) the history will be there. The day will come when our International true love scammers will be caught for marriage fraud, for green card scam… for being monsters.

Scamming USCIS is no small crime. The more information we give, the clearer we can be, with copies of previous annulments, divorces or attempts at adjusting immigration status before their green card scam using us, the better.

Let USCIS know the date he or she has moved on. Straight out declare that they did not marry us in good faith. Report the status of your impending divorce or annulment. Give them the contact information of the attorney handling this, or our intentions in this matter. Here is USCIS: – There is nothing more we have to do. We will not be punished. We will not be arrested. We are not responsible for the fleeing con man spouse.

Our deepest loss will be our trust in – well – a lot of things for a while.
We lose our heart, a piece of our soul.
And things. Things that mattered to us.
And we recover. We are renewed.

After making the report – that’s it. USCIS will not tell us if they investigate, apprehend or arrest or deport the marriage-frauding, green-card-scamming fiend. They can’t by law. The good part is this: We know we followed through. We took the steps to protect ourselves. —  And hopefully, hopefully to weigh down the movements of the monster with facts and a paper trail of their malevolent, diabolical acts. Hopefully we’ve taken some of the flexibility and range out of their criminal life-stealing, soul-raping madness. And best of all:  We are free.

Here’s to REAL True Love and Happiness!

Time to thrive!

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