3 Dangers of Female Sociopaths

Female sociopaths exist. Big. Time.
They’re identical to male sociopaths in their empty souls.
They use feminine charm to take and to ruin.

img-thingFemale sociopaths and male sociopaths possess the same malfunctioning brain that leaves their hearts barren. They have no love, no genuine care or concern for anyone besides themselves.

The unexpectedness of encountering such evil in a woman buys them time to wreak havoc in the lives of their victims. It’s true – no matter what century we’re in, no matter the culture – and in some far more than others: we expect and assume women to be loving and nurturing. That expectation is used as a tool by female sociopaths.

Let me give a shout out to the real here:
most women are nurturing and loving.
And – news flash – so are most men.

The gorgeous humans who fall into the traps of sociopaths are some of the most amazing on the planet. – First hand tip: the men who participate in true love scam recovery consultations blow me away with their kindness, pride in monogamy, respect for women and their huge hearts. Good men exist.

There are 3 major tricks female sociopaths use
that control, take and ruin their targets.


Female sociopaths only marry in order to gain financially or socially, to obtain possessions or respectability. Being supported while married is a given in their eyes. Divorce is usually the ultimate goal; ideally this brings high alimony, a big settlement or property. – They’ll push so hard for marriage they’ve been known to buy their own engagement rings.

Being 100% supported financially by their prey is a go-to for female sociopaths – they do hit the jack-pot fairly readily with this one sliding right into this traditional relationship dynamic.

All the while they’re sleeping with a whole team, a fleet, a crew, a slew of other men – or women – or both, just like male sociopaths.

Please see a doctor – have STD tests done. Really.

Children can bring big bank to the female sociopath.

More to Know: Yes. There are both male and female sociopaths. They each present themselves to the world mainly as their obvious biological gender, but are in fact something we could only call, genderless. Read more about the genderless nature of sociopaths here: Sociopaths Sexual Boundaries.


Unexpected or not – pregnancy can bring big bucks for years and years to a female sociopath.

Women of antisocial personality disorder – ASPD – also called antisocial psychopaths have fewer children than male sociopaths, who populate the earth indiscriminately. Female sociopaths don’t want to bear children for some pretty basic reasons:

1) Annoyance of pregnancy – it puts a damper on scamming.
2) Changes in their looks – they believe it reduces their seductiveness.
3) They don’t want children – they do not love them.

Female sociopaths have children for these reasons: Money. Money. Money. Once a child is on the scene they can legitimately demand support and take men to court to get it. Ultimately they abandon their kids.

If you have children with a female sociopath, consider DNA testing the babies. Results might not change your feelings for the children, but they can absolutely change court orders.

Sociopaths love being proven the victim via court.

Domestic Violence

Female sociopaths create a wife beater scenario. It dovetails with the sociopaths need to seem like the victim. It’s a custom made avenue to ruin their prey and elevate themselves as the wronged party. There are unfortunately a lotta wins in domestic violence legal battles and restraining orders staged by women of ASPD.

Beware of this. They’ll hit first hoping the man will hit them back. They’ll throw themselves into the coffee table. Bang their heads on the shower wall. Blacken and bruise their own arms, take pictures and file abuse reports and restraining orders.

Going no contact at the first feeling that something is really, really wrong in any relationship is essential. It’s life saving in true love scam with a female sociopath.

Here’s to REAL True Love and Happiness!

Time to Thrive!

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