True Love Scam – Married to a Con Man

I married a con man so, maybe you can skip it.

A long-time friend introduced me to his new friend.
A man who very quickly became my husband and then my nightmare.

True love scam is carried out by a con man –  A con man is a sociopath.
(Sometimes people call them Narcissists.) 

We think it’s love.
It takes as long as it takes to see this is nothing we’ve seen before.
We can recover, we can heal.
Our great goodness is our saving grace. 

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Thank you for your courage, commitment and hard work, very well done and critically important to prevent future scams, helping prevent more trauma and tragedy. Hard to say, but you are lucky you made it out alive. The sociopath’s ruse is deception upon deception. Since people are objects they are disposable to the sociopath. Not all allow their prey to live to tell the tale. Your work may save lives … More. ~ Dr. Deborah Ettel, Ph.D. Psychology

Thank you for your beautiful article, “The Sociopath’s Scam – It Isn’t Personal.” I just read it in Shahida Arabi’s book, Becoming the Narcissist’s Nightmare and found it truly uplifting and transformational. Thanks! ~ B.G. 

I really, REALLY, appreciated your piece in Becoming The Narcissist’s Nightmare. Thank you ~ J.K.

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 What Am I Supposed to Do With All This Junk?

Thank you for this article! This is exactly where I am at right now. I have all his junk in the back of my car not knowing what to do with it. As much as burning it and dancing around the flames sounds I think donating it sounds like a nice plan too. I guess that’s why we make good targets we are too nice and always thinking of others even after we’ve been hurt. But without kindness in this world there really would be no hope. Thank you for your articles,  Jennifer!” ~ Anon

“Wow!  You certainly have a profound understanding of even the minutest details of the sociopathic intellect.  This observation you wrote about, here, is spot on. (What Am I Supposed to Do With All This Junk?) Yet, so many miss this.  I’m looking at clothing, a guitar (amazing he left that because he used to cherish it), books, an old computer, photographs of him when he was younger, photos of his children…the mind boggles.  Walking robots, they are.  Thanks for the incredibly insightful article!  Keep up the great work!” ~ H.G.

Spot On Posts:  What’s the Smear Campaign All About?

“Thank you Jennifer… this was in my email this morning and your insights are spot on.
Thank you for your voice and all your efforts to help others that have found themselves “caught” in the scam. I adore you!” ~ D.T.

“Spot on!  Beautifully articulated!
Profound observations about these monsters that roam the earth.” ~ H.G.

Welcome! Congratulations!
Join over a million true love scam escapees in 206 countries.

Recognize, survive & thrive after true love scam.
You're not alone.
Unite with those in the USA, 
and around the globe to that 1 in Djibouti.

Sociopaths are heartless, pretending, parasites who cannot love.

Sociopaths lie as easily and automatically as we breathe. Also with the same necessity. Sociopaths lie for survival. Lying is their income, their persona – their entire existence – their normal. Their brain is different from a measurable biological standpoint. There are male sociopaths and female sociopaths. Either way, they know they’re monsters. They enjoy it. They love who they are; they do not love anyone or anything else – not even us.

Everything is a lie, an untruth, a misdirect.

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People ask: Didn’t you know he was a con man?!
Answer: No. I didn’t.
I thought he was my dream man.

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If I hadn’t found your website last week and talked with you, I’d have signed the lease…  we’d be living together right now. ~ B.N.

This true love scam recovery website is the real deal…  Jennifer writes from the heart. ~ K.D.

 I just want to say… It’s been a slow healing process for me and every now and then I’ll just need to read something or listen to something online that supports ME and reminds me that the sociopath was always the problem and not me. I just read your article from July 2015 “Sociopaths Hate Us“. I like your take on the sociopathic perspective and how we should view ourselves as well as the sociopath in comparison. It’s much more empowering than a lot of the articles about sociopathic abuse I’ve found online. Usually I’m left not feeling much better by the end of article than when I first started reading. Thank you for helping me feel empowered and fulfilled. ~ J.H.

Everything you say hits home. Everything. Thanks for your honesty and vulnerability. You have helped move me in the right direction. ~ G.W.

Thank you sooooooo much again … oh my god, our session has saved me incredible amounts of grief and anxiety this past week. ~ I.P.

Your website is a great resource. I just want to print out every page. ~ C.E.

This is the best website I’ve found regarding what I just went through. It’s made me see that I did nothing wrong and I’m not crazy. I sat here and kept saying “Yes!” because I went through so many of the things in your article for the past year and a half with my “boyfriend.” Thank you for making sense of everything I was wondering about. ~ L.R.

This site is life changing. A breath of fresh air. A hope of returning to sanity. ~ K.G.

Love your website. It’s really the only one, and I’ve read many, that makes sense to me. You really delve into areas that other website authors on narcissism and sociopaths haven’t touched upon. Thanks! ~ H.G.

Please keep educating people about this….. your doing an amazing job and it helps me in my recovery and healing. ~ S.W.

Excellent writing, accurate information! ~ E. (You Know He’s a Con Man If…)

Invaluable! Reinforces my resolve. ~ S.S. (What is No Contact?)

I’m amazed at the personal growth and changes in myself. Thank you for your kind words and support and tools for recovery. (PTSD After a Sociopath) ~ L.L.

Wow! Your articles are spot on – really useful and to the point. ~ E.G. (Dating After Dating a Sociopath)

Your website is a wonderful lifeline and helped me realize I am not alone.  I applaud you for addressing this horror in our society and giving us all some support and validation to what we have all gone through with these monsters.  I can’t thank you enough and will continue to follow you! ~ T.P.

Your understanding and clear explanations comes across so well in your articles, it all finally makes sense to me. So glad to have found this site, thank you. ~ R.C.

Thank you for the wealth of extensive wisdom and direct guidance your website offers. Breaking free from a marriage to a sociopathic con man your website has become my daily lifeline. Quite literally saving my sanity through understanding, education, validation and guidance. Thank you!!! ~ B.B.

Wow. Profoundly enlightening article about why people with ASPD strive to break up families. Deplorables…” (3 Reasons Sociopaths Target Married People) ~ Empath HSP: Connections Prep for Highly Sensitive Personality Types, Facebook Page

I have read all the articles on your blog and they really helped me understand what I was dealing with, and I’ve been no contact for 6 months!! ~ R.J.

Thank you for your site. You saved my life, my mental health and my spirit. God Bless you. ~ R.R.

Fantastic article! So many truths & keysto unlock & regain YOURSELF back!! ~ R.D.O. (Why do We Believe the Lies of a Sociopath)

Here’s to REAL True Love and Happiness!

Time to Thrive!

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