Hoovering Happens

Like the Cat in the Hat, the Sociopath comes back.
Hoovering happens. It’s why we go No Contact. – And still it happens.
There’s only one thing he or she wants: more control.

pT585Mg6cHoovering as in – yes the Hoover brand vacuum; sociopaths attempt to suck us back in. Sociopaths Hoover victims when the game is over. Call it post-game love bombing. Why don’t they just go away? It’s not about love. They aren’t sorry no matter what they say. They only want one thing as always: control. They hope to keep the doorway to the goodies open and they want to monitor our intent to spread the word that they’re Big Fat You-Know-Whats or report them to police and stuff like that.

Sociopaths Are Narcissistic – But Sociopaths (ASPD) Aren’t Narcissists (NPD)

Sociopaths are narcissistic – as in the verb: to be narcissistic, self focused. Technically classified as antisocial-psychopaths, they’re bereft of kindness an d fully into themselves. -Sociopaths are 100% self-focused. They’re without guilt or remorse. They like no one. They love no one: not us, not the next woman, not the last woman – or man. (Because really – they’ll take either. Read about it here.)

When it’s over they are super super maaaad. Not because they love us for reals – not because they have regret about the way they treated us. Not because they want to pay us back all the money they stole from us. Nope. Their brain does not feel remorse. (Really. Read about it here: they lack empathy.)

Sociopaths Have Uncontrollable Rage

They’re mad at being found out. They’re mad at having to secure a new living situation or a new main-vein house-mouse or line to funds for living. I know – this is so gross. And so true. What they want is a 2nd chance. A 2nd chance to “F” us over. A 2nd chance to dip into the cookie jar – meaning our bank accounts. And – because they want us as a fan – they like to hang onto the old – even if it’s only in the form of FB “likes” – to give new targets, and many random other’s who exist only in the sociopath’s imagination, the impression that they’re “good” people. And cool. And popular. And awesome. Really, they’re just S–t.

In case it hasn’t become clear yet: sociopaths are nuts.

“When individuals with psychopathy imagine others in pain, brain areas necessary for feeling empathy and concern for others fail to become active and be connected to other important regions involved in affective processing and decision-making.” ~ Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.

It’s pretty hard on the poor little sociopath when we go no contact.
Hoovering is their attempt to keep control.
It’s their attempt to keep their very existence validated.

Sociopaths aka Narcissists have no remorse. No guilt. They aren’t sorry. They are maaaad when we go no contact. (Read Sociopaths & No Contact) Not because they are sorry and want to apologize. Not because they love us. Not because they miss us – but because it means the game is over. It means we found out they’re liars. It means we won’t give them anything. Ever. Never again. It means they have to stir up and bring to full funding some of their other or newer resources. (Read right here: Sociopaths Other Women. )

Without Normal People and Empaths, Sociopaths Can’t Survive

Since we don’t believe them anymore – when you think about it – it kinda means in a sense they don’t exist – I mean if we don’t believe them, are they really even there? Imagine if no one believed the lies they tell… who would they be since it’s all made up?

We can do it. Go No Contact. Ignore the Hoovering. We are awesome.

Here’s to REAL True Love and Happiness!

Time to Thrive!

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