Sociopaths Other Women

Sociopaths keep a storehouse of other women.
Or men. Or both.
It isn’t personal. It’s who they are and it’s how they survive.
It’s the only way they can behave.


Sociopaths other women exist. They are there – always – 100% guaranteed. The existence of the sociopath’s other women will drive us C.R.A.Z.Y.

Affairs in real relationships are harmful and humiliating. “Affairs” carried out by  a sociopath we think we are in a relationship with are degrading, destroying, devastating. The sociopath throws his other women in our face.

Like so big time it’s a trademark of a sociopath. it’s called triangulation in the narcissistic abuse therapy world. It’s in fact: a sociopath being a sociopath. The natural effect of a third person on the scene make us want to “be better” and be the best woman of the bunch. It knocks us off kilter and feeling lower than low.

None of a sociopath’s “relationships” are real.
It’s all true love scam.

Sociopaths other women are just like us. They are not prettier, smarter, have more money or give better head. The sociopath-monster may try to convince you the reason he’s with someone else. That we’re not enough. Not enough tits, not enough fun, not enough intelligence, not enough common sense. – Or because we said something he didn’t like. Or didn’t wash his clothes. Or because we don’t know how to trust. RIDICULOUS. It’s all more lies to keep us in his control.

Sometimes they tell us we are too much: too much desire for fun between the sheets, too much talking, too many questions… well, yah!!! Like: What the Bleeeep is going on!?    Sociopaths talk a lot to distract us from asking this. They intentionally mislead us, avert the issue, play sleight of hand with our minds and hearts. Sociopaths other women are under the same spell of deceit and deception that we are. They are just like us.

A sociopath’s other women are kind, in love and – impressed. They see before them a  Prince Charming. – Remember how he “wow’d” us…?  And occasionally, a sociopath’s other women are nuts. Sometimes a sociopath’s other women are users and perhaps sociopaths themselves. The only definite is: a sociopath’s other women exist. He’s always got a gaggle, a flock, a harem. It’s his livelihood. It’s true love scam.

Monogamy or individual relationships, with a chill out after a break-up, does not fit the hardwired characteristics of a sociopath.  We can hardly believe he has someone else. It breaks our heart. We feel like we’re nuts. We doubt that he could – anyone could – be that bad. In the field of psychology, in the world of therapists this doubt is called: cognitive dissonance or CD. Sociopaths sex lives are not what they seem, the entire “romance” is a multilayered cake of bile-filled deception and so difficult to comprehend because it’s outside our normal way of living. The thing is – all that lovey-dovey stuff – all the sex – is entirely fake. WIth us; and with the other women. Once we see shadows of the truth, the mismatch of our and their ideals and values causes uncomfortable disharmony or cognitive dissonance. This is trauma.

Words to Remember: “If you’re neglecting things you should be doing, forgetting your purpose in life because of the relationship you’re in, then you’re on the wrong path. A healthy relationship is one in which two people encourage each other to reach their respective goals while sharing each other’s hopes and dreams. A relationship should be a source of inspiration, invigoration and hope.” – Daisaku Ikeda

In essence, we’re experiencing a typical response to coming out of brainwashing.– After realizing our captor is, in fact, a very bad man. When we break through the lies, uncover the harem of the sociopath’s other women, we so don’t want to believe it.  We so don’t want it to be true. “He’s nice! He’s different. This can’t be true... It must be me….”  – This, my sweet, sweet friends is CD, cognitive dissonance.

In a Nutshell: No contact is the only solution to freedom from a sociopath. Read more here about cognitive dissonance, overcoming  brain washing and the sociopath’s world of lies. It is true: there are people in the world who don’t care about love. In fact, sociopaths have no sexual boundaries; they can and will ensnare anyone who can fulfill their need for possessions, money, power, connections or just a place to sleep.

No contact is the first rule of breaking free. No contact with him.  No emails, no calls, no texting, no letters, no videos, no love songs. If children are involved consider a mediator or communication by an attorney or 3rd party. It’s possible the sociopath will lose interest in the children rather quickly. If his respectability comes into question openly he could however, tenaciously hang onto the idea of sole custody and go to court to an endless, exhausting, expensive ordeal. – Same goes for female sociopaths.

Some days we may long for him. Other days – or hours – and late nights and sleepless 4:00am’s, there will be a strong urge to shout from every virtual portal that he’s an a–h–e. Minimize this. It will only haunt us later. Any posting on Bad Boy Report or similar sites have a removal fee of $500 that can be made by the person the person it’s about. These postings do little good to protect others from becoming a sociopath’s other woman, but we’ll be out there – forever – in cyber-space.

There will be a strong urge to contact the sociopaths other women. In cases where evidence is needed for annulments, contacting other women could be useful.

Keep in Mind: only emails, texts or written exchanges between him and her are considered legally admissible proof of not marrying in good faith or marriage fraud. Anything you say, she said – is not evidence, it’s called ‘hearsay’, or to put it in laymen’s terms: It’s called gossip. The sociopath’s other women can write statements which may sway a judges opinion, but an appearance in the courtroom as a live witness makes the strongest case. We can have a sociopath’s other women subpoenaed to show up in court to testify. – Best to consult an attorney. There are reliable sources for legal information online from the National Bar Association and in most communities there is legal aid.

Remember – a sociopath is not like you or me. This is not a normal relationship. A sociopath has a brain wired for harming others, including his other women. Sociopaths aren’t nice, to anyone. Ever. A sociopaths other women are just like us. He won’t love them more. He won’t have more fun with them. They will not make him happy were we failed. There was no relationship to fail in. Not for us. Not for the sociopaths other women. Reframe the nightmare with a sociopath. It didn’t exist. We do. We are good. Real. And amazing.

Here’s to REAL True Love and Happiness!

Time to thrive!

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