Die Sociopath, Die

Omg. How we wish they were dead.
We can’t believe we feel this way.
Omg. We don’t want to say it out loud.
But. We wish they were dead.

Yep. They are terrible words. – And they are normal words that come to all our minds & to some of our lips after a sociopath splits the scene. We’re left swirling in a cesspool of lies, deceit, ruin and devastation.

About 2 months in from there –
we want him dead. Or her.

Images dance through our minds of how: beaten, chopped up – mostly beaten. We’d kinda like to see them tortured slowly. Nobody talks about this – you can bet I will.

At odd moments the thought runs past the viewing screen in our minds that we could maybe hire someone to kill him. We know we can’t – first of all it’s seriously cost prohibitive – and, secondly – we know we won’t do any such thing. But. Oh. My. God. He. Deserves. To. Be. Dead. We have dreams during which someone – or we – kill them. We picture them being strangled, or stoned to death. These life-stealing assholes have earned nothing less. Not all sociopaths beat their prey — but emotional abuse does not go by harmlessly. When discovering we were ensnared by a sociopath – the deception, the mind-F**k, the house of cards – this is plenty-enough to make us want them dead during the normal-and-to-be-expected PTSD we go through.



Makes yuh rethink the circumstances under which Lorena Bobbit
cut of her sleeping husband’s penis with a kitchen knife in 1993.
We all know it now: John Bobbit is a sociopath.

Wishing the Narcissistic Sociopath Would Die is Normal – It’s Part of Healing

While it’s true the sociopath has no conscience, the fact is we do have a conscience. And feelings. And we really would not ever come remotely close to killing the bastard or bastardette. But it sure feels good thinking about it every quiet once in a while – but only for a while. — This feeling passes.

imagesThese out of character flashing thoughts occur during a brief part of the reaction to the trauma at their hands. It’s got a name. It’s called Battered Person Syndrome. Lorena gave her husband’s penis a whack 20 years ago, June 23, 1993. She faced court charges and trials and public scrutiny and then it was judged that she was under temporary insanity when she sawed of her hubby’s little, sleepy, dangling thingy. Can you picture it? — Did she drop the knife and run when her cheating-beating-husband woke from a dead sleep screaming and spurting blood from his little sausage? Or, rather – from where it used to be? – We know she held onto his penis – later it was sewn back on.

If we’re smirking and enjoying this scenario
does this make us cold and heartless?? No.
It means we’re alive, and thank goodness we have a sense of humor.
John came out okay. He even got to star in a couple pornos
– all due to his hacked-off, patched-up penis.

We Feel Kinda Crazy and Kinda Guilty

Hmmm. Temporary insanity. – Uh, yah. Some of us could get there. We know that. Let’s not. It’s so not worth. Instead let’s open our hearts towards ourselves. Seek out an accurate perspective on what these soul-jackings are. They are crimes. We were not in relationships and likely – neither was Lorena Bobbit. — Did you see that guys photo? The face of a sociopath if there ever was one.

Know the Real Deal – Be Free

We want to refocus and reframe the nightmare. Look at it for what it was: A Crime. The sociopath has a simplistic, myopic mind. They only care about 2 things: 1) Getting what they want. And 2) Not getting caught. All the emotional upheaval we go through is the fallout of the way they bulldoze through countless target’s worlds with their permanent life view, which is: “I am better than everyone. I deserve whatever I want. I will take it. You will be grateful. You will shut up.”

Sociopaths believe they are fantastic. We know they’re monsters. – And that we are not – so no… we won’t go around killing anyone. We’re gonna look towards rebuilding our lives and using the madness to, in fact, become a better version of ourselves. It’s called turning karma into mission. Transform the icky karma of meeting Mr. Shit-pants into value – Lorena did it. She has started an organization, called Lorena’s Red Wagon, that helps victims of domestic abuse with profoundly simple and equally significant things – like providing birthday cakes for the children of victims who have escaped, but are say, maybe in a shelter. I officially love Lorena Bobbit.

Our actions in challenging our destiny become examples and inspiration for countless others… When we change our karma into mission, we transform our destiny from playing a negative role to a positive one… Therefore those who keep advancing, while regarding everything as part of their mission proceed toward the goal of transforming their destiny. ~ Daisaku Ikeda, Living Buddhism, August 2003

Here’s to REAL True Love and Happiness!

Time to Thrive!

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