More True Love Scam Recovery Readers’ Comments

There are so many wonderful, amazing people writing and messaging with thanks,
and kind words, we need another page to share them from.

I love love love your website. It has been the ‘realest’ explanation of this cr@p I’ve encountered yet. ~ T.B.

Thank you for all you do. I’m so grateful for your page (True Love Scam Recovery Facebook Page) and advice. x ~ Z.D.

Thank you! This is exactly what I went through dating a sociopath. The fluid sexuality, the control, the love bombing, the alcohol addiction, the anger at every perceived offense, faking illness, cheating with multiple women, charming, lying, all of it. This is one of the most accurate things I have read in description of the behaviors. (D.I.Y.Guide to a Sociopaths Psyche) ~ Anonymous

What a fantastic blog. I’ve recently been conned and was searching for a behavioral term for this con man and voila your blog has me walking in the same footsteps. Every word, every statement of yours gets me thinking the person who conned us has this characteristic. Am glad I’m able to connect with someone who knows what I have been going through and how I need to solve the issue. The characteristics of a con man / sociopath are so well explained I don’t have the go anywhere for more explanation. Thanks for sharing. ~ M.

Thank you! This helped me so much! Two months ago I ended a sick relationship with my Narcissistic “girlfriend”. What a pathological liar. ~ V.P. – Male Reader (How to End it with a Sociopath)

Nicely done! I hope many folks in recovery or wanting relief find their way back to you for help. ~ M.S.

Oh, my goodness. Your article called,Are Sociopaths Intelligent? is unbelievably hilarious and extremely eye opening giving a clear visual and conceptual understanding of how there monsters operate. Very, very insightful reading. A perfect picture to keep in mind helping me un-tether and diminish the emotional connection I have to the “pig”. God bless you and your work. ~ J.F.P.

Are sociopaths smarter than the average empath or neurotypical person? Nope. – Thanks to true love scam for writing and sharing such pro-social articles. ~ K.S. (Are Sociopaths Intelligent?)

I love everything you write and some parts of this just stand out to me and I have to highlight it. (Loving a Sociopath) Again, thank you for being my voice putting everything into words. It’s life saving! ~ M.D.

Thank you for educating me on another level. Boy, do I wish I was spending my time studying Italian instead of educating myself on the mind of a Sociopath. LOL! We become obsessed and I’m lucky that my closest friends and family understand that it’s my focus and my recovery to talk endlessly about what happened to me. It’s been a tough ride, but I’m so much better. Thank you for your wisdom. ~ T.S.

Thanks for your website, cannot believe that I stayed with my husband for 17 years. I barely made my break two weeks ago. Your website has been amazingly educational for me and my husband is textbook! Thank you for taking the time to email with me! Your website has been more than helpful! ~ A.N.

Thank you very much for this priceless resource. You have helped me immensely. ~ S.L.

Thank You for your posts! The horrors that were my 18 year marriage to an affluent, successful, respected monster are real…but only to my children, myself and truelovescam! Reading your posts has made me feel that there is recovery, it just takes time. Thank You Jennifer! ~ C.L.

Thank you, I found your article very helpful. ~ J.L.

Thank you!! Every read helps!!! ~ T.C.

Your blog is very well done and critically important to prevent future scams…helping prevent more trauma and tragedy. Hard to say, but you are lucky you made it out alive. The sociopaths ruse is deception upon deception. Since people are objects they are disposable to the sociopath. Not all allow their prey to live to tell the tale. Thank you for your courage, commitment and hard work. Your work may save lives. ~ Dr. Deborah Ettel, PhD. Psychology

Thank you for sharing this information. 2 years escaped and I’m still learning recovering from a sociopathic ex. ~ E.S.

While on my journey of healing I joined a couple of private support groups. Many in the group are discovering the secret sex life of the sociopath (Sociopaths Sex Lives) and have been confused by the possibility of their X being – well gay. In my darkest moments your blog helped because of the laser truth written in a way that is very easy to take in; so I provided your blog to the group. The group felt your words help to get the facts straight in one’s head. These kind-hearted souls are still carrying the burden of the scammer’s behavior. Your blog helps to place the blame where it belongs. Your blog helps victims and survivors to depersonalize the freak’s behavior towards them. For me understanding the asexual, deviant behavior helped me to detach.(Sociopaths Sexual Boundaries) You drive home the point in your blog that it WAS ALL A LIE! Honestly, thank you for sharing your story. ~ L.P.

Wow. Thank you so much. That was very good and helps me a lot. I really appreciate your time. (True Love Scam Recovery Sessions) ~ T.J.