About Jennifer Smith & True Love Scam Recovery

I’m a real person who really got played
by a parasitic sociopath of a con man.
I’m thriving in a real life built from the ashes of ruin.

11217505_830380423749956_1090105617648872600_nSo far things are anonymous. The website and social media and True Love Scam Recovery Consultations and emails with readers are managed under the pseudonym Jennifer Smith. This blog came out of my escape from a terrorizing life and death situation with an antisocial psychopath, commonly known as a narcissistic sociopath – a con man.

It entailed court appearances, United States immigration, too many Police visits, pawn shops, Interpol and other secret police, collaborating with a great attorney and my family and my Buddhist faith for recovering from the theft, defrauding and deception of a sociopath who had previously found much success in his 25-year scamming career – that ended, uniting with some of his other victims together blew up his world.

All I wanted was a husband.
Instead I earned PhD in persons of antisocial personality.

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Everything is confidential.

HERE’s to REAL True Love and Happiness!

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