3 Powerful Ways to Rewire Trauma

Awaken Emotional Memories of Safety and Love.

Bring up stored deep brain patterns of feeling good.
Doing simple things we did in childhood brings back our strength.
Remembered sensations of love and security rewire the present trauma.

happy-stick-girl-clip-artHumans are amazing. We can rewire our emotional experience of the moment for both health and well-being. During the madness and overload on our nervous and adrenal system – the betrayal so deep we feel broken, we can go back to very primal and simple methods that bring us from the dark side and into the healing zone.

We’ve got what’s called neuroplasticity.
That’s a good thing.

We can rewire our brain and get synapses firing that signal: safety. It’s proven scientifically and more than that – felt immediately – I don’t know about you guys, but that’s always enough proof for me.

Use our emotions to support us rather than defeat us.
There are basic steps to reigning our emotions to serve us.
Emotions are a source of deep intelligence.

Which area of the brain deals with emotions? The limbic system. It includes the amygdala, the hippocampus, the thalamus, and the hypothalamus, among other parts of the brain. This is where emotions originate. When an emotion occurs, it triggers the body to deal with the situation…emotions are essential. They connect you to other people and provide you with information about yourself. Emotional control has to do with regulation; it doesn’t mean avoidance or white knuckles or stoicism. It doesn’t mean squashing your feelings or needlessly expanding them. If you have control over your emotions, you’re not afraid to feel, and you understand that your feelings won’t last forever. Use your emotions as a path toward greater understanding and as a way to inform the decisions you make about how to behave in the world. ~ Pamela Milam, June 10, 2015 rewireme.com


The amygdala and neighboring regions is part of the brain that’s just not active in a sociopath or psychopath. – In a normal brain, it functions in full living color allowing us to feel and experience life in marvelous, gorgeous breadth and depth; to feel love and joy as well as sorrows or loss painting a unique and vivid, wonderful life. Yes! We want it all! Emotions are a valuable intelligence in the physical form of natural chemical-cocktails of serotonin, oxytocin and other good stuff.

First and foremost, we want to notice our emotions. Say to ourselves – even out loud: “I feel really sad right now.” And then say to ourselves: “That’s okay. I’ve been through a lot. I’ll feel better soon.” Noticing and acknowledging how we feel – neither dramatizing or harboring the sad, nor ignoring it – is the key to harnessing that inner intelligence – to use the miraculous built-in chemical plant out bodies are to heal and become stronger, wiser and happier.

We can bring our own relief using our emotions.

Here are 3 things we can do to stir up in our amygdala feelings that transform and fortify us from right where we are within the sad of recovery. The emotions we summon with these 3 easy, and nearly mindless, yet profoundly powerful activities, cause us to remember who we are; to sense again our own true strength, courage and beauty. We can bring out emotions of security and confidence; bring out the “self” we thought we lost. Without a doubt we are not lost!! Inside us remains the kernel of purity, true self – and happiness. Draw upon it. Call it out.

1. Music. Select music that causes our joi-de-vivre to soar! Our spirits to rise. Our soul to sing along. Music is a tuning fork that our body connects with – choose music that brings out the happy and the awe we feel for ourselves, Likewise – don’t play “our” song – or music that recalls you know who. This is OUR TIME. Time to thrive! – And maybe sing along.

Listening to music is one of the most effective ways to alter your mood and perceptions of a situation. You can create a personalized capsule or virtual reality with a mood directly linked to the music you choose. Make a playlist of songs that reinforce character traits that are linked to being confident, upbeat and optimistic. This will get regions of your brain firing in sync to make this mindset a reality. By listening to this music when you are in an environment that is associated with negativity your brain will begin to weave in more positive associations and become rewired. ~ Christopher Bergland, March 28, 2012 psychologytoday.com

2. Writing. There are many writing exercises from word clusters to journaling that bring ourselves, back to ourselves, by stirring emotions of self-recognition and self-love. It inspires renewed self-admiration and pride; we see our value, creativity and personal gifts laid out before us as if for the first time.

Word clusters and Morning Pages shift our brain.
We activate freedom and creative flow; reduce “thinking” & worry.

Word clusters are done as follows: Take a blank piece of paper. In the center write a word (or 2, or 3) that are basic and neutral such as: Yellow. Or: I Dream of. Or: Love. Or: Yesterday. Or: Butterfly. Or: I want. – Chose a word of your own… whatever comes to you. Then – write every word that comes to mind from that center word. Keep writing freely. At a certain moment, a sudden shift will happen – go with it and write what ever comes out. A whole poem, a short story. Write away until there is no more to write. – Might just be a chapter in your new novel. For sure it feel amazing.

Morning Pages dump the trash we don’t even know is there.
This leaves us spontaneously taking action we’ve been unable to make.

Morning Pages found in the book, The Artist’s Way are a method to unblock and repair. All we do is go to bed. Leave a notebook, paper and pen near by. Whenever we open our eyes in the morning reach out for that spiral notebook or loose leaf paper – grab the pen or pencil and write – 3 pages are a good amount to brush away the cobwebs. Morning pages are scribbled without really looking at the page, spelling is not a factor, neatness is not a concern. They’re not to be reread, saved, or sifted through as a walk down sentimental lane.

I’d give an example of my morning pages,
except they’re 100% illegible, even to me.

Write whatever comes out. It usually makes little “logical” sense. Disjointed, and nonsensical is more than fine, it’s what our brains do, let it go. Example: giraffes under umbrellas at the crack ofdawn had dinner dontown bforeeverybody came to see the carshow – without punctuation – or with it; misspelled words or not – just let it flow. If you don’t have a pen, mime the writing tool and do it with bare fingers. If you’re too sleepy do it with your eyes closed too! The thing is: it isn’t the words as they end up on the paper… it’s the motion of cursive writing and the activity going on in our brain while dredging up the unconscious, allowing the stream of consciousness outpouring of whatever is in there, that makes a shift and leaves wide open space for clarity and spontaneous positive action.

Wake up emotional memories that make us feel good.

3. Color. Relax, De-stress in a way that harkens back to childhood. Float away in the flow. Yes. Freestyle – or in coloring books.  They make amazing coloring books for adults now with butterflies and fairies; wildlife and dolphins; mushrooms and elves hiding in wooded glens, and glorious turreted castles… Go ahead – color outside the lines. Get a new set of colored pencils or crayons… remember that smell of those magic Crayola crayons? Those crayons and some water colors and a smock make a really cool mind-easing afternoon doing wax-resist paintings – remember those?! This beautiful blog Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs reminds us how.

Happiness is to be found within your own life, in your thoughts at this very moment. You yourself are most noble and precious. ~ Daisaku Ikeda www.ikedaquotes.org

Recover, rebuild in every way. Mind, body and soul. Reframe the nightmare. And take care of ourselves, rebuild health. Rebuild joy – skip, play hopscotch, ride a bike. Go for a swing in a park – soar as the Phoenix rises from the ashes.

Here’s to REAL True Love and Happiness!

Time to thrive!

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