True Love Scam Readers’ Comments

It isn’t easy crawling from the depths of hell after a sociopath.
Those who’ve been through it understand.
We’re not alone.

There’s nothing like the bravery, strength and absolute amazing-ness of the human beings who pull themselves from the darkness and destruction of a true love scam. I send you all joy, wisdom and happiness! ~ Jennifer Smith,

True Love Scam Readers’ Comments and Victories in Healing

Fantastic use of analogy comparing natives to the discoverers. It gave me a good new insight to my own inability to “know”. ~ B.O.G. (5 Hidden Traits of a Sociopath)

AMAZING article — so very accurate. (Reframe the Nightmare With a Sociopath) Absolutely in line with every credible piece of academic literature as well as self-help advice I have been both striving to prove, teach, and take myself for the past 30+ years. – An incredible resource on the rise, sharing no BS validations for readers who themselves have gone through similar encounters. ~ K.D.

You’re an angel to me, you are. I’ve been reading about this online for a year. Your website stuck out to me. You talk about things the others don’t. I thought: this woman knows what she’s talking about. She’s been there. ~ A.W.

I just laughed and cried my way through your entire website… Just so beautiful and insightful! ~ S. (Instagram message @truelovescamrecovery)

Thank you for this blog! Best one on this subject I’ve read. ~ H.G.

Your site is really helping me get through the hard days. Keep up the good work. ~ A.M.

This article I just read about how to break up with a sociopath (How to End it With a Sociopath) was a real breakthrough. I’m going to enjoy the next few days/weeks/months being totally helpless and incompetent. LOL ~ J.Y.

You are awesome. Life changing. A breathe of fresh air. A hope of returning to sanity. ~ K.G.

Thank you for this site, it has truly validated my experience with a sociopathic husband and to be able to move forward to a much better future! ~ T.P.

This article is amazing! ~ C.V. (5 Reasons the Sociopath Nut-Bag Isn’t Hoovering)

I think this article is true and amazing. (Reframe the Nightmare with a Sociopath) I had over 8 years of unimaginable HELL with this monster. I know it is very dangerous trying to expose these monsters but I put my story out there and helped save 3 women. ~ M.C.

Insightful article. (D.I.Y.Guide to a Sociopath’s Psyche) ~ Celebrity Narcissists Facebook Page

I enjoy your website and need it after a four year relationship with an extreme sociopath/psychopath. ~ T.B.

Thank you so much for your brilliant, insightful articles. They have been an enormous help to me in the aftermath of a relationship with a severely personality disordered person. ~ xx V.

Thank you so much for such awesome information and words of encouragement. ~ A.K.

Just talking to you, now I feel like a human again. I haven’t felt like this in 3 years. ~ M.

Thanks for being there, you are making a difference! ~ K.M.

Thanks so much for writing back! I read your “Sociopaths Sex Lives” article which is brilliant & it’s great that, even though you’re discussing dark & scary stuff, you cleverly use humour in your articles!  ~ Anonymous

Your website is so dead on and your writing is compassionate and fantastic. When I feel weak or overwhelmed, I read something from your website. It is amazingly perfect for my situation. – J.N.R. (Reframe the Nightmare with a Sociopath)

Thank you so much for your website!! I’ve gained so much insight from it and although it’s been a tough road, I’m now on my way to recovery! Thank you again, and keep up the good work! ~ J.K.J.

You are doing an AMAZING job of educating & to try and stop/help prevent victims from falling prey… NO CONTACT & setting yourself free is the only way to save yourself. God Bless You! ~ R.D.O. (Sociopaths Other Women)

WOW. I am so grateful for this site. It’s nice to know that I’m not crazy and I made the right decision to get rid of my ex-sociopath before things got worse! Thank you for the wisdom. ; ) ~ B.

Whoa! These people are scary. Thank you for the enlightenment! ~ H.

That was an amazing read…one article led me to another following the highlights that I needed clarity on. This is like taking some kind of advanced class. It is the only thing that keeps me from texting and wanting to engage. I’m so thankful. ~ L.A.L. (PTSD is a Thing After a Sociopath)

Jennifer, Thank you for everything! I am so encouraged and felt so validated just having someone to talk to who understands and has so many gifts – writing and caring. (True Love Scam Recovery Chat) Right at this moment, for the first time in WEEKS, I feel a sense that I’m going to be alright; that I can fully heal; that I still have my identity. It’s just going to take time, and as you said, it’s not even been a year yet. Thank you for lifting my spirits. It’s like a healing balm. ~ A.J.

Thanks. These pages (True Love Scam Recovery on Facebook) helped me make sense of the things that didn’t make sense to me. I don’t think I would have done it without help. ~ I.G. aka γλοϝερ

Wow. Profoundly enlightening article about why people with ASPD strive to break up families. Deplorables…” (3 Reasons Sociopaths Target Married People) ~ Empath HSP: Connections Prep for Highly Sensitive Personality Types, Facebook Page

Very good. Thank you. ~ J.P. (Narcissist vs Sociopath vs Happy)

“Keep in mind, no one robs an empty house… We are awesome!” BEST quote from the article! ~ A.S. (PTSD is a Thing After a Sociopath)

Thank you for helping me understand this evilness. ~ R.M.

Everything you write is right on point. ~ C.R.

Vitally Important Information!! ~ D.G. (5 Stages of True Love Scam)

You are really an inspiration for me. I appreciate the support. I understand so much more! ~ W.C.

A good article and worth the read. Point by point happened to my family member. Women do this to men too!!! ~ S.L. (5 Stages of True Love Scam)

Why participate? (on the true love scam FB page) Because you are one of the brightest most intelligent, informed persons I have encountered on this subject. You masterfully post to take care of members here. You should write a book. ~ S.I. – Male Reader

It was wonderful talking with you! You’re so wonderful… Like a true angel rooting for me! I appreciate all your help with this. I would be dying inside without you, Miss Jennifer! Thank you so much! : ) ~ N.C.

Good stuff. Yet another great article from TLS explaining the red flags and warning signs a person YOU might know or suspect has already been used and abused persistently after being targeted. ~ K.D. (How Sociopaths Break Up With Us)

I feel I never thank you enough for what you did for me. Finding you has been the most beautiful help I could give to myself, in a moment of my life where I was totally confused, broken and in danger. You put the pieces of the puzzles back together. You have been consolation, understanding and support to me. I will never forget you. I will never thank you enough. God bless you. ~ E.S.

Very well said! ~ J.J. (The Sociopath Behind the Mask)

Thank you for posting this. It’s just what I needed to hear. Going no contact. Day 1. Out of all the research I’ve done on sociopaths/narcissists/ manipulators, I never understood “no contact” – until I read this article. Thank you for the information, insight and support. I greatly appreciate it. ~ Anonymous (How Sociopaths Break Up With Us)

This is sooooo good!! ~T.F. (The Sociopath Behind the Mask)

Thank you for your very educational and healing website. I have read and reread many of the posts, and they are so helpful. ~ A.G.

Your articles help me so much…I have come out of a 6 year abusive relationship and I am having a very very rough time…your articles help me understand why I feel the way I do and why he said and did the things he did…thank you. ~ S.F. (PTSD is a Thing After Life With a Sociopath)

What a wonderful and uplifting website. You are helping a lot of people. Thank you for spreading the truth about sociopaths/psychopaths and providing a place for victims to find comfort and heal. Keep up the awesome work. ~ V.

Wow, this article truly moved me. (The Sociopath Behind the Mask) The moment I realized I was scammed, I went into an emotional vortex. The man who had been the man of my dreams morphed into a criminal standing in front of me, trying to con me for a huge sum of money! When the mask came off, he was such an ugly man! ~ D.L.

Fantastic article! So many truths & keys to unlock & regain YOURSELF back!! ~ R.D.O. (Why Do We Believe the Lies of a Sociopath)

Thank you so much for your kind words and your support! Also, thank you for all of this vital information you provide: in your e-mail, in the PDF of  Sociopaths Sex Lives, on your website – everything!  You have put a lot of my anxiety to rest. Your description of what we go through is extremely accurate – “crimes” is hands down the best word for it. ~ A.S.

Excellent writing, accurate information! Thank you! ~ E.

Definitely!!! Thanks for this info. (You Know He’s a Con Man If…) Invaluable! Reinforces my resolve, because he keeps trying and he does not like my response — not at all! ~ S.S.

I have just gotten out of a 4 year relationship with a sociopath. I have read many articles, blogs, etc. since getting him out of my house and yours is by far, the most accurate and realistic experiences of dealing with a sociopath. Well written, good advice, and very encouraging. ~ K.M.

Hi there, Loveeeee your blog and follow it regularly. Today makes a year for his departure. Your blog helps me a lot n calms me down. ~  T.M.

This is so helpful. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this. He has taken my soul as well as my money. What is so amazing was how in love with me he was just telling me and now he is gone and I can’t get in touch with him. I am stopping begging him now after your email. Thank you so much! ~ C.

Amazing reads, I am a male and yes this happened to me, my last girlfriend was a sociopath and I am trying to recover and it is hard. ~ S.M. – Male Reader

Wow – your articles are spot on – really useful and to the point. ~ E.G. (Dating After Dating a Sociopath)

Thanks for your replay. What you say is so true and spot on. This site is brilliant it’s the key to the door that has opened to save me. I thought it was me. I thought I was doing things wrong.
Yet it wasn’t me. I keep reading and rereading and I go from a sort of euphoria as another question gets answered to all the nasty behaviour to feeling depressed and nauseous in the next breath. What I find truly amazing is that they seem to all behave in the same way these sociopaths. I thought my ex was truly unique and special yet on reading all this she was just following some perverse twisted set of behaviours of her kind. It’s like finding out the person you loved and trusted turned out to be a monstrous vampire. ~ B. C. – Male Reader

Excellent article, including the section on how to break up with them. (Sociopaths Hate Us) ~ J.J.

Thank you so very much for these articles and the reinforcement they bring when going No Contact. Your explanations give me strength to stay the course and remember who I tried to relate to. A Narcissist/ Sociopath is king of manipulation and charm to get the supply he wants. (What is No Contact?) Blessings and Appreciation. ~ L.W.

This is an excellent distinction! (Narcissist vs Sociopath vs Happy) I found you 7 years after my escape from a sociopath, and I can’t express how healing your posts have been for me. I thought I had processed it all, but this FB page has offered me so much validation and multiple ‘aha’ moments. Thank you for what you do. You are helping so many people. ~ S.W.

Thank you for your encouragement. I think I have read your entire blog : ) Sure, you may use my comments as an endorsement. Your blog is truly valuable and reassuring to those of us that are trying to figure out what just happened to us! ~ More K.M.

I spent so much time on your blog last night. You are amazing! Thank you! You have given me peace in my mind and soul. ~ L. P.

So encouraging & helpful. I just started therapy, I’m up to session number two & was just sent home with information about PTSD. Who would have ever thought this could go hand-in-hand. You’re dead on with your information. Thank you so much! ~ A.S.

Hi! I just wanted to let you know how much I am LOVING your page. Unfortunately, I’m now a part of this sisterhood. I’ve lived my entire life without ever having crossed paths with one of these creatures and had no bloody idea what they even were. Thank you so much. Your content is not only incredibly insightful, but it’s so blunt and in-your-face that it really helped to wipe out any remnants of cognitive dissonance I was experiencing. Don’t know where you live, but if you’re ever in Philly, please message let me know. Dinner on me! ~ A.B.

This is so good. I’ve found myself regressing a bit lately and thinking “How could he have done all of that to me, after everything I did for him?!” and having bouts of sadness again after months of being ok…this helps me to reset and reframe. Thank you. ~ L.L. (Reframe the Nightmare with a Sociopath)

Brilliant article. ~ C.D. (D.I.Y.Guide to a Sociopaths Psyche)

Hi, Thank you Jennifer. I love your directness and honesty. It is very good for me! By the grace of God I found your blog on Google. It has saved my life. Thank you so much. ~ A.P.

What a fantastic blog. I’ve recently been conned and was searching for a behavioral term for this con man and voila your blog has me walking in the same footsteps. Every word, every statement of yours gets me thinking the person who conned us has this characteristic. Am glad I’m able to connect with someone who knows what I have been going through and how I need to solve the issue. The characteristics of a con man / sociopath are so well explained I don’t have the go anywhere for more explanation. Thanks for sharing. ~ M.

Thank you! This helped me so much! Two months ago I ended a sick relationship with my Narcissistic “girlfriend”. What a pathological liar. ~ V.P. – Male Reader (How to End it with a Sociopath)

Thank you very much for this priceless resource. You have helped me immensely. ~ S.L.

Thank You for your posts! The horrors that were my 18 year marriage to an affluent, successful, respected monster are real…but only to my children, myself and truelovescam! Reading your posts has made me feel that there is recovery, it just takes time. Thank You Jennifer! ~ C.L.

Thank you, I found your article very helpful. ~ J.L.

Thank you!! Every read helps!!! ~ T.C.

Your blog is very well done and critically important to prevent future scams…helping prevent more trauma and tragedy. Hard to say, but you are lucky you made it out alive. The sociopaths ruse is deception upon deception. Since people are objects they are disposable to the sociopath. Not all allow their prey to live to tell the tale. Thank you for your courage, commitment and hard work. Your work may save lives. ~ Dr. Deborah Ettel, PhD. Psychology

Thank you for sharing this information. 2 years escaped and I’m still learning recovering from a sociopathic ex. ~ E.S.

While on my journey of healing I joined a couple of private support groups. Many in the group are discovering the secret sex life of the sociopath (Sociopaths Sex Lives) and have been confused by the possibility of their X being – well gay. In my darkest moments your blog helped because of the laser truth written in a way that is very easy to take in; so I provided your blog to the group. The group felt your words help to get the facts straight in one’s head. These kind-hearted souls are still carrying the burden of the scammer’s behavior. Your blog helps to place the blame where it belongs. Your blog helps victims and survivors to depersonalize the freak’s behavior towards them. For me understanding the asexual, deviant behavior helped me to detach.(Sociopaths Sexual Boundaries) You drive home the point in your blog that it WAS ALL A LIE! Honestly, thank you for sharing your story. ~ L.P.

Wow. Thank you so much. That was very good and helps me a lot. I really appreciate your time. ~ T.J.

When I found your site, I was looking for information on sociopathy and con artists. I just know I needed more healing than what I had found thus far. Thank you for what you are doing. You have taken your healing path to a very high level. ~ L.S.L.

Thank you Jennifer! Your words are soothing and motivating. Much Love to You! ~ G.

Thank you for this site! You are really a breath of fresh air in this hell I have been going through. Your knowledge and candor and sense of humor about these horrible people and situations is refreshing. I thought I knew about these people after an ex husband and two boyfriends then running into some scammers on the net. Thanks to your site I was able to recognize the scammers and not get caught up in it. So thank you from the bottom of my heart! ~ M.

As usual thank you for an pin point accurate understanding of the abuse from a Sociopath…..Bless You☺ ~ L. (Emotional Abuse and Sociopaths)

Thank you so much!!!! You are my lifeline <3 Thanks for educating people. ~ C.B.

Thank you so much for these posts… it’s a one-stop-shop for the resources needed to heal from having had someone like this in my life… and my Healing Journey continues… Thank you : ) ~ K.A. – Male Reader

Thank you for your kind words and support. Your blog focuses on the con man/love scam and the ptsd it causes. This is exactly what I need. I needed more tools for recovery, to move on with my life. I’m amazed at the personal growth and changes in myself. I’m a new person with confidence and something extra. ~ L.L. (PTSD After a Sociopath)

I am healing my wounds with your wisdom and words. You have truly been a lighthouse for me during a time seeped in darkness. Keep signing your light. ~ P.

I love, love, love reading your emails and the links. When I’m having a moment I reread your email. I know it will get easier it just takes time and realizing who and what he really is. I want to thank you again. Thank you for the information. You don’t understand how helpful and comforting your words are right now. It’s EXACTLY what I need, when I feel like I’m falling apart. Thank you! ~ A.O.

It’s all coming together. Wish it didn’t have to be so painful. Thank you so much for your support. It’s Priceless. ~ J.M.

Thanks for your page- it really has helped me heal from the nightmare that was my sociopath and I didn’t know for a long time what had even happened. So again, thanks! ~ A.G.

Hi, I have been reading your site & I LOVE IT. I can’t stop reading it’s BRILLIANT. ~ F.

Your website is what gave me the most consolation and understanding…Thanks for all you are doing and for your website.  ~ E.R.

As usual thank you for an pin point accurate understanding of the abuse of a Sociopath… Bless You☺ ~ L. (Emotional Abuse and Sociopaths)

Good day, I just ended a 10+ year relationship with a Sociopath which honestly until I kicked him out and started to google some of the “issues” in our relationship did all of this information come up about Sociopaths/Narcs/etc. I am so grateful to sites like yours and I wish to start a physical support group in ___ .  I personally was not even aware that such HORRIBLE entities walk among us and look totally normal, personally after my ordeal, some days as I am still too raw. I feel they should glow in the dark or something!! 🙂 Namaste. ~ B. (Narcissist vs Sociopath vs Happy)

Hi, Thanks for your site. It’s really helping. Seven weeks out and three weeks no contact. It’s getting better. God bless you all xx  ~ M. K. – Male Reader

Awesome articles. ~ J.K.

I’m trying to survive the ‘love of my life’. That sentence should never need to be said. There is something diabolical in the ability to use another’s love against them. To turn their heart inside out. To know you’ve destroyed another person’s coping mechanism and called it love. It’s malevolent. It’s inherently evil and sadistic to feed off the very souls of the ones who trust you the most.  ~ M.

Thanks for making this. I spent 5 years lost part of my soul, financial resources etc. I could write a book. 🙁 ~ A.

I felt good sharing my experience even though I don’t know you. You and your page is more than awesome. Your articles helped me a lot. I am seeing things clear as I was blinded by him. I reported and blocked him again. Glad that you are sharing your experiences and helping with victims like me. I discovered his true colors. Thank you once again! ~ B.R.

Thank you. ~ L.C.

Your site amazes me. Your dedication is profound, your capacity to pierce through intrigues me. I see in your writing great compassion for yourself and others in the midst of all. You are blessed and your sharing with the world is a great gift. ~ M.E.

This site is saving me. Thank you for all your hard work and sharing. ~ S.

I am so happy to have found your link Jennifer….thank you for all you are doing for me, and so many (too many!) Others. ~ N. W.

Hey there! Just finished reading your article on PTSD After a Sociopath and really loved it. I just wanted to point out – and maybe your site is designed for women – but this happens to all of us. Women to men, men to men, women to women. I am a gay man who was thrown away by a P 6 months ago and the issues are the same in many ways. Just a comment – great job! ~ J. – Male Reader

I am well on the way of healing but sometimes I need some inspiration. Very interesting posts. Thank you. ~ C.

Great post today! All about the a-z girlfriends… it was AMAZING  and helped me at the right exact moment. Thanks for all your time and posts! They are great. ~ A.O.

I loved it!! I actually love all of your posts. I haven’t even met you.  But your understanding of me is so crazy and spot on! I seriously was in a black hole! And you responding to me with knowledge and words you put it. Helped me, more then you will ever know.  I did go to a therapist last week and he kept showing me to quit living in the past.  To live in the here and now.  And every time I wonder about him and her in am living in the past. That helped a lot too! Between you and him I can’t tell who I love more! Lol. I wish I could hug you!!! If you ever come to Vegas you HAVE to let me buy you dinner. Thank you so much for all your time and compassion.  I seriously don’t know where I would be right now without it. Have a great Sunday!! ~ More A.O.

Thank you so much for the encouragement. I thought I was going crazy for the longest time. Finding others who could articulate the same hellish experiences I’d gone through was enlightening. I’m trying to survive the ‘love of my life’. That sentence should never need to be said. There’s something diabolical in the ability to use another’s love against them. ~ M.

Sociopaths Other Women” Thank you so much for this article. It’s life giving! This is exactly what the sociopath did to me! ~ J.G.

Thanks Jennifer!!!! I have to say that in the moment I found the strength to break up, I physically felt better. Immediately. I did not cry anymore (I was crying every single day and night for the past 7 months, when I started seeing the reality), the anxiety stopped, the nightmares stopped…all good signs that it is the right way to go. I still feel ashamed and stupid for letting an idiotic asshole do this to me, to allow him that much. I am working on these feelings by reading your articles and rationalizing. By telling myself that he should be ashamed , not me. By telling myself that if he ‘chose’ me is because he saw soft heart, generosity, care…all good things i have to be proud of…all good things he took advantage of… Thank you again for your time, your opinions, your story; thank you for your website, so far the best ‘cure’ for me, together with the words of a couple of other girls he recently tried to charm and that I manage to contact…It made me feel understood and gave me a sense of consolation. Thanks and have a lovely day 🙂 ~ E.

I am so happy to have found your link Jennifer….thank you for all you are doing for me, and so many (too many!) Others. ~ N.W. (3 Powerful Ways to Rewire Trauma)

Thanks for your website. I’m just getting out of a 7 month relationship with a sociopath, I ended it last Thursday. This is the third time I fell for a con man. I appreciate your candid/direct writing style. Thanks again for the website and help you’re offering other victims. ~ M.

The first lines of this post, Loving a Sociopath,  filled me with love!  thank you! So often I sat dazed and confused and asked “why me?” Finally understanding there have been several Sociopaths in my life. They target me BECAUSE I SHINE!  “High octane goodness” LOVE IT!!   ~ N.P.

Thank you. You have opened my eyes. I’ve Identified with your help, what has happened to me: I’ve spent my entire life with sociopaths. As liberating as it is painful I will be forever grateful for this revelation. Thank you. I know I’m barely at the beginning of healing and there are some dark days ahead but I have not felt I was on the right path till now. Thank you so much. I’m going to need as much help as I can get. ~ L.C. ~ Male Reader

Greetings to you, Warrior!! You are so good at this. So good for us. I hope we do some good for you too. ~ S.S.

Thank you. ~ J.

It’s not a situation I ever imagined myself in. But reading the articles I know I am not alone and actually meet people almost everyday who have met or been involved with one. I was glad to have been told about your blog and now am on the road of learning the signs and red flags to watch out for!! ~ K.M.

Ameeeeeen. I needed this soooooo much! Thank you! ~ A.D.

I found your site to be extremely helpful, well written and easy on the eyes to navigate. Most particularly your discussion on PTSD was enlightening and comforting in many respects. I have discovered through this experience that there are few who really do understand and those who simply choose to blame the victim. Thank you for the insight and advice.  ~ M.

Thank you for this info…I need it. ~ D.E.

Thanks for the articles! Gives me so much clarity and info. ~ L.C.

I first want to thank you for your supportive words in your website. I was in a relationship with a sociopath for 8 months, the break up wasn’t a clean one… I know I deserve better …Also, I used to not have high levels of anxiety, but now I do. And I got my first panic attack a few weeks ago. I do not know if it is just coincidence or if I have PTSD but I would appreciate your help. Thank you, I look forward hearing from you. ~ J.G.

What a fantastic website… Our story has so many similarities I wondered if we were married to the same man!! ~ K.S.

Thank you 🙂 I also just recently read your blogs on rebuild health and the one you recently e-mailed as well; I loved them. Please know that your writing is very helpful <3  It brings me hope and it lets me know that I am not alone. Also, although I eat healthy, I definitely don’t eat that much recently after my breakup; even my parents have noticed. I will try my best to get back to eating normal again and at the same time always thinking healthy foods… with your experience you are making a difference in other victim’s lives. Thank you for all your help. I hope you have a good night 🙂 ~ J.G. (Rebuild Health After a Sociopath)

Thank you, Jennifer for your emails and all the hard work you have done to help others and bring this crime to light. ~ C.

Thank you True Love Scam readers! My heart and prayers go out to each of you, to each of us. There’s nothing like the bravery, strength and courage of all of us amazing women and men who’ve walked through the labyrinth of lies and broken free from the deceptions and endured the maze of a sociopath’s brain. Our wonderous human compassion, empathy, loving, trustworthy and trusting natures are what brought us here and they are also our saving grace. We’re our own Angels. We’re Super Heroes!

Here’s to REAL True Love and Happiness!

Time to thrive!

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