Loving a Sociopath

Falling in love with a sociopath is like tumbling down a rabbit hole.
No end in sight. Spinning through a surreal world of horror and confusion.
Disguised as Happy Land.
Why us? What makes us such a tempting, delectable dish to a sociopath?

Sociopaths target amazing people. They’re parasites. They need a strong host with kindness, faith in humanity, loyalty. They seek and ensnare commitment minded men and women who bring a lot to the table.

A sociopath needs us to prop up and propel their fake and sickening, weak lives forward. They need good people who will stand by them and defend them when their past hits the fan – as it always, always does.

Loving a sociopath is loving a monster – a remorseless maniac.

When we entangle out hearts, our minds, our souls with a sociopath and come out the other side we’re warriors of life who deserve gold medals, accolades, ticker tape parades in our honor, marching bands and choirs of angels. – We’re the best of the best. The cream of the crop. And now we know so much more about life – not another monster can exist in our presence.

How Do Sociopaths Chose their Prey?

We’re our own Heroes. We’re our own Angels.

Loving a sociopath is a crash and burn and rise again course in human nature and the nature of evil. After recovery life can be a bowl of cherries, the sky is blue and everything is a walk in the park like never before.

Loving a sociopath means we’ve been scouted by a ruthless being-of-deception-and-cruelty. We’ve been scooped up in a net-of-many they scan for the scamming and then hand-picked out of the catch based on our stellar human qualities.  We’re absolutely amazing women and men, we’re: trusting. Kind. Generous. Faith-full. Loyal. Pure-hearted. Optimistic. Believers in Humanity. Intelligent. Skilled. Creative. Tenacious. We are Super Heroes.

More To Know: It’s commonly said that sociopaths devalue and discard us. – I get that, we feel used, led on (and we were), then put down, unappreciated and tossed aside. Well… not exactly. We were never valued in the first place as individuals. Those insults are “red herrings,” flying gibberish born of the sociopaths anger and fear the whole thing is collapsing – they know the end is coming long before we do. Our own emotionalism in response to their flying B.S. hides how heinous the sociopath is. What’s really going on is what always goes on for a sociopath: The fail and bail. Read here: Sociopaths Cannot Devalue Us.

We have been assessed and led to trust. We then are used. We’re slight-of-hand-hypnotized, abused and sucked as dry as possible, as quickly as possible while we’re looking the other way. We are dragged through the bowels of ruin. Then smeared in the mud of slander. The monster grinds our names onto the dirt after they go – even before they go. This is their vile and putrid attempt to glorify themselves as humanitarians, as good men, as perfect women, as beatific gods or goddesses who were used by an ungrateful or crazy or drug addicted or greedy or stupid last-person-they-gave-all-their-love-too.

People Who Fall for Sociopaths Are Awesome – Not Weak

And then once again, and again: sociopaths repeat – rewind,
repeat – rewind, repeat – rewind, the same old, tired, hateful,
lies woman after woman, man after man, scam after scam.

Who are we, the amazing women and men who fall into the abyss of loving a sociopath? What is it about our goodness that takes us into loving a sociopath? And what keeps us there giving full blast as long as we do? Twisting and turning and fighting to make sense of the confusion and bizarre surreal life that is loving a sociopath. – Why do we try so hard…?! Why do we believe the lies of a sociopath?

Sociopaths Need Strong People to Survive

The very nature of our Super-Hero-Awesome is aligned with what a sociopaths needs. He wants us because we’re so together, loving and loyal. Sociopaths look for prey who have hyper-empathy, invest in relationships, have high levels of trust and loyalty. When we come in contact with a predatory person and find them appealing or interesting – the trajectory of harm is set. It’s our job to know what a sociopath is, side step them, disarm their love-bombing ways – stay who we are – and spread the word.

More To Know: These super-traits are not usually seen as what draws a sociopath to us. Instead the targets of sociopaths are routinely called: co-dependent, in denial and other shame-and-blame based ideas that are, in fact: incorrect, not in anyway applicable to this crime and cause us further harm. Read here: Trauma Bonding Comes from Our Innate Goodness – We Are Not Codependent.

These same aspects within us that a sociopath needs to survive, are the very traits that we use to recover. We are our own Super Heroes. We are our own Angels. Loyalty. Trust. Value relationships. Empathy and compassion: turn these towards ourselves. Embrace our own amazing selves!

Here’s to REAL True Love and Happiness!

Time to thrive!

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