True Love Scam on the Internet

True love scam on the internet is like true love scam in person.
Except it’s laughably easier for the life-hijacking monsters hidden by a computer screen.


True love scam on the internet happens. A lot. – We’ve all been warned. We might think the warnings would be enoughThey aren’t – and there’s good reason for it: we’re human.

It ‘s human nature to trust. It’s human nature to dream. It’s human nature to hope.

Everyone hopes and dreams of a great and beautiful relationship with one true love. – And true love scams on the internet are all about using that from dating sites and chat rooms to good old Facebook.

The con man or con woman is using our beautiful human nature against us. Diabolical. The true love scammer on the internet is using our goodness, our hopes, or trust, our dreams to invade and rage through our lives as fast and far as they can, taking as much as they can. – Even if it’s just our soul.

It’s much easier for them because we can’t see their face. We invest meaning in what they say from our perception of life; from trust, decency and our beliefs, our desires for the future, for a family, for a partner, for love.

Internet Dating sites are Big Box Stores to a Sociopath.
Video game and chat room chats are full of Trolling Sociopaths.
instead – go outside. Take a walk. Go to a Museum.
Get some fresh air.

Who are these scheemers? We’re talking about people with no empathy, with criminal minds who are on a wholesale hunt for goods: pawns, prey, victims – meaning you and me – or your sister or mom or neighbor – or brother. A fishing trip from a Barco-lounger. They throw out a net and come up with vulnerable subjects in their catch. They may cast out to a few hundred or a few thousand trys at one time. – And yet they make us feel so special.

Though on the love scammer’s end it’s an easier game than an in person scam – which by comparison is intimate and very messy –  it still plays out in 5 stages of love scam.

When it’s over we wonder if it even really happened.

The creep on the other side of the screen can be anywhere in the world. There’re no love scenes, no love-making, no mixing of lives, no screaming, no tears. Far fewer questions, and any questions are much more easily side-stepped. No nightly curfew. No expected Saturday night date. There’s much less chance of being busted by their other girlfriends, boyfriends or fiancees or wives, husbands. The monster only has to type out a buncha whooey. We don’t truly know their name, we don’t know where they live. – We have no idea who they are. Really.

Why do we Believe the Lies of a Sociopath?
Because we are AWESOME, gorgeous, glorious humans.

Their brain is different than yours or mine.

Let’s get on the other side of the equation.
What does a true love scam on the internet entail?

A true love scammer on the internet takes all those sweet desires ant traits and tangles them around our heart and throat strangling our lives. They’re playing our dreams all in digital messages. The breadth of the damage varies: it could be solely emotional; it could reach into our bank accounts. The depth of the damage is always, always soul-searing.

Expect them to paint themselves as a victim or in need of something. They will ask you for help. When it comes time to meet they may or may not be available. If not they’ll be soo, sooo, so sorry. Depending on their type of scamming method you may never meet them. What ever they say is a lie.

We wonder if we dreamed it.
While they take off with our trust, our hearts, sometimes lots of our money.
We go through PTSD as it were all in person.

Avoid conversations in chat rooms or video game rooms that go beyond talking about and being in the game itself – never give out our real email or number. And please – don’t open emails from people we don’t know.

There is no Nigerian Prince that needs money from a random woman in the US. There is no guy or gal who lives somewhere and wants a long distance relationship with someone they never meet. Or really, really wants to meet, but they’re just too busy. Or is so gonna meet one day, but they’ve been banned from our country. Or is so gonna send us a ticket to come meet them. No. Not. Nope. Never gonna happen. Does. Not Exist.

Recover: Reframe the Nightmare with a Sociopath.

There is something we can monitor easily. The person right in front of us. Us. Watch for the signs we’re falling for a sociopath. There is tell-tale over the top emotion and a drastic throwing of caution to the wind when we are under their influence. Practice watching for the signs in this post: In Love with a Sociopath – 13 Red Flags.

Let’s stay away from internet dating. Keep loving ourselves. Get out. Take classes. Go to a Museum. Make friends at work. Join a choir. Volunteer at a Zoo. Reconnect with family. Stay in touch with good old-friends even if they live far away. Start a Book-Club. Learn to play the oboe. Finger paint. Do something good for ourselves – anything but fall for the monster on the other side of a computer screen.

Here’s to REAL True Love and Happiness!

Time to thrive!

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