True Love Scam™ Recovery Victories

Sociopaths are limited in thinking.
Their minds are inflexible and restricted.
Sociopaths are without emotional intelligence or nuance.
This leaves them predictable and fragile.

Set our selves free by comprehending what these monsters are. As horrific as it is, we can come out on the other side free, safe, and more in awe and aware of our own awesomeness!

We’re our own Angels.
We’re Super Heroes.
We’re gorgeously Human.

The words below are from True Love Scam recovery session clients and True Love Scam Recovery readers. They include men and women, teens and people over 65. Rich, poor, educated and not. People from New Zealand, Australia, the U.K., Italy, Canada, the USA and Africa. They represent a full spectrum of people of varying racial, religious, economic and every other delineation we make among humans. – What they all – we all – have in common is just this: being human. Perfectly, gorgeously human.

Among them are police officers, psychologists, mental health workers, social workers, educators, CPA’s, students, entrepreneurs, financiers, real estate agents, antique dealers, dancers, artists – amazing men and women who love, believe in love, trust, give and seek answers to the pain in their lives. We aren’t doormats, stupid, codependent or in denial. We are awesome. – And – so are you.

Share in True Love Scam Recovery Reader’s Victories.

Everything you say hit home. Everything. Thanks for your honesty and vulnerability you have helped move me in the right direction. ~ G.W.

Bless you and all your work and advice on such a hidden world not many realise is out there until they get themselves embroiled through no fault of their own. ~ K.G.

I’ve found this website an absolute goldmine of information, which has helped me tremendously on my road to recovery. I was totally bewildered and broken in the beginning at how suddenly and brutally she ended our relationship – after telling me the day before that she’d never loved anyone as much. Its all starting to make sense now. ~ M.K. (Reframe the Nightmare with a Sociopath)

Thank you for the wealth of extensive wisdom and direct guidance your website offers. Breaking free from a marriage to a sociopathic con man your website has become my daily lifeline. Quite literally saving my sanity through understanding, education, validation and guidance. Thank you!!! ~ B.B.

Thank you so much. One of the best things to stumble across your website. The rest of the world has no clue. The advice that other people give is total horses**t. It’s all blame the victim. omg you are awesome. You are like my angel! I believe in what you’re doing. You’re so knowledgeable, you’re making such an impact on the world. I’ll make another appointment with you. ~ E.M.

You’re the only one I’ve talked to that makes sense. After talking with you I feel relaxed. I feel calm and know what to do. ~ I.H.

Dear, your articles finally made me understand. There was no one who knew what I have been through, no one to understand how I felt and no one to understand why my trust was on 0. Thank you! You gave me hope! ~ Z.

This is an amazing website. I have been caught in the grips of a complete monster and through your site and a few others have realized that I am not alone and most importantly I am not crazy. I have lost a lot of my mind and spirit over this maniac and blamed it on the fact that it was an affair and I was the other woman. I want to reach out to his wife to let her know. They have kids, but maybe its not my place. Thanks again. I look forward to checking out everything you’ve got. Warm regards, ~ L.F.

I’ve read just about every link on your site (except the one regarding kids as I have none and nor does my ex). Thank you for putting the information together and making it accessible to people like me! ~ M.G.

Thank you so much for speaking with me the other night you were so easy to talk to I could have talked all night! lol I am definitely going to go by some of your suggestions on moving forward. After speaking with you I decided to go get a full exam and get tested for everything out there I’m glad to say it was all negative and I’m healthy which makes me feel even better on moving forward. Hopefully we can talk soon in a few weeks!! ~ V.V.

Jennifer – Please smile knowing what a help you were to me (and others) in all this. I really do feel this opening in me up to whatever is supposed to fill in. I just need to allow it and receive it. I had a huge realization last night … HUGE after our talk. ~ J.T.

I honestly can’t thank you enough for what you do. You’re an angel and I’m so happy and fortunate to have found you online. I got really emotional reading this (summary of a recovery guidance session.) Emotional in a GOOD way! Thank you again. ~ C.C.

Thank you for your site. You saved my life, my mental health and my spirit. God Bless you. ~ R.R.

You are helping me more than you can imagine. Thank you for these “recaps.” You are so kind and brilliant.  ~ J.T.

I throughly was lifted and gifted by talking with you. Thank you for being so open and sharing. It gave me a profound new sense of well being. I am going to re-read my notes, what you just emailed me and let it really sink in. I will be scheduling more time with you. Lots of love and peace – keep doing what you are doing. It is putting a lot of good in the world. Thank you. ~ M.P.

I want to extend a HUGE thank you for all that you are doing! It has been an absolute God send for my recovery, and still is!! This kind of domestic abuse has been in the shadows for too long! And while it isn’t easy, showing people it does exist and that there are horrible consequences as a result of it, must remain paramount in this endeavor. Please continue to fight for us and yourself and know that you have a warrior here to help anyway I can. Thank you again! ~ F.D.

If I hadn’t found your website last week and talked with you, I’d have signed the lease… we’d be living together right now. ~ B.N.

I am glad that I know now what this is all about. You really have shed clarity re mind of a sociopath. If it weren’t for your site, I would still not know what’s going on !!! You have been a great help for me !!!! ~ C.M.

Thank you for these. [TLSR Newsletters] They help me so much and you do such an amazing job being the awesome uplifting person you are. God bless! ~ T.P.

Absolutely amazing and very very informative and supportive article. (Leaving a Sociopath – 5 Break Up Musts) ~ S.K.

Thank you for your continuing support. Your emails keep me on course which is very difficult but improving. No contact is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  ~ J.H.

Because of our talks and your posts I am well! This is what she did to me… clear as a bell what she is and how she manipulated me!  I’m 7 months of no contact and cut everyone I ever met through her off as well. ~ C.D.

I’ve read, researched, and watched a lot of videos about emotional or narcissistic abuse but your page speaks on another level. I can’t explain it but I’m glad to have found your page. ~ T.S.

These are so accurate it’s scary! Wow! ~ A.M. (Sociopaths Sex Lives, 5 Stages of True Love Scam)

Jennifer you have inspired and educated me for the past couple of years and I am truly thankful! I read every email and article that you send. ~ K.O.

Hi Jennifer, Thank you so  much for your quick response and encouragement. I have read every article on your website – you are amazing and what you are doing for others caught in this entanglement of lies and deceit is amazing also. ~ A.G.

I loved your article on blocking the monsters lol. It was just what I needed to read! :)) ~ E.A. (Sociopaths & No Contact and What is No Contact)

This is the best website I’ve found regarding what I just went through. It’s made me see that I did nothing wrong and I’m not crazy. I sat here and kept saying “Yes!” because I went through so many of the things in your article for the past year and a half with my “boyfriend.” Thank you for making sense of everything I was wondering about. ~ L.R.

You are a champion in this community. Thank you so much for spreading awareness. ~ J.D., Founder of, Narcissist Sociopath Awareness

Thank you Jennifer… this was in my email this am and your insights are spot on. (The Truth About Betrayal After True Love Scam) Thank you for your voice and all your efforts to help others that have found themselves “caught” in the scam. I adore you! I have been following your blog for well over a year and as someone who lives in her head at times… your voice is like a lighthouse in the dark. It is so very true that once one begins the escape the ‘resources’ police, family court etc… are not helpful… the complete opposite. My plight has me sharing custody with a sociopath and omfg! What a nightmare. Your blog is so very good… keeps it so real for me. Honoring myself as I continue to work on healing and recovery..
sincerely my dear a Super big! thank you to you… 💖💖💖Keep singing Birdie!! I need to hear what you know! One of these days you will have an LA meet up and I will see you and hug you!! ~ D.T.

I so appreciate your post (5 Hidden Traits of a Sociopath) and all the information you pass along. It helps to see them in a whole new light. Puts things into perspective. Thank you so very much. :3 ~ R.L.S.

You’re fucking awesome !!! xoxoxxo  Had to say it !! New anthem.  LOL ! ~ S.K.

True love scam is really the only website that has what i need at this time. I’ll be calling to talk with you next week. Thank you. ~ F.K.

Love this site, really understanding my 17 year relationship, happy to say i am on the up side of healing and easy to see their text-book behaviors, thank you! ~ W.Z.

I’m so happy i found your website! I feel so much better with every article I read. I appreciate you SO SO much! ~ J.A.

This (your blog) might be the final key to the exit door/Thanx ! ~ A.L.

Thank you for this! Has helped me understand what I’m dealing with tremendously! ~ M.L.

It took me a long time to realize that I was NOT alone in suffering with this as the PTSD exhibited itself a year after I left. (PTSD is a Thing After Life with a Sociopath) ~ Overcoming People with Authentic Love – OPAL, Facebook Page

I have this site bookmarked in my phone so all the times if I feel like calling him, I read this. Thank you so much… I started reading my relationship on screen I can not tell you how much information I have read trying to make it not be true but it is… I could go on but thanks for reading this. ~ E.B.

Your website is a wonderful lifeline and helped me realize I am not alone.  I applaud you for addressing this horror in our society and giving us all some support and validation to what we have all gone through with these monsters.  I can’t thank you enough and will continue to follow you!   ~ T.P.

Your understanding and clear explanations comes across so well in your articles, it all finally makes sense to me. So glad to have found this site, thank you. ~ R.C.

This is my favorite ones so far! They CANNOT devalue us! This truly puts everything into perspective. Thank you so much!! ~ R.S. (Sociopaths Cannot Devalue Us)

Not one single person has been had the ability to say what you’ve just said. I’ve been divorced for ten years and still I’m going crazy. Omg, I feel so good! I’m so encouraged! I want another session with you. ~ E.G.

thank you so much for writing. thanks for putting this site together. thanks for your kindness and compassion. I am grateful for the wisdom you have shared on your site. ~ L.S.

Totally bang on! ~ E.M. (Sociopaths Talk a Lot)

Your website is a great resource. I just want to print out every page. ~ C.E.

Your website is the best one on the internet, I’ve looked and looked. You’ve saved people’s lives and probably don’t know it. I feel so good now after talking with you. This is the most interesting conversation I’ve had in a long time. This is exciting. I don’t know how to say it, but now I feel like this was a good thing that happened to me. ~ B.B.

I like this analogy… what’s that saying..? “Don’t fight with pigs, you both get dirty and the pig likes it”? (Are Sociopaths Intelligent?) ~ C.E.

Once this concept clicked with me the emotional strands held by the experiences with them seemed to shrivel, unravel and let go. The hostility was exchanged for peace. ~ S.E. (Reframe the Nightmare with a Sociopath)

Amazing article as always! (Dating After Dating a Sociopath) I love your articles because they help me understand I am normal lol. Other Facebook pages on this subject can make you feel like you were a naive idiot. So glad I found you!!

Grateful for your information as I work through a recent breakup with someone who shows some of these tendencies, if I look past my own self questioning… Crazymaking. Your site is helping me stay strong, thank you! ~ M.G.

You are AMAZING. Truly. I can’t tell you how kind of you it was to send me something this long. You’re a one of a kind person, and I know that the level of strength you radiate is found only in the weakest of moments. Thank you for your empathy and support. THANK YOU again, you are so awesome. We need more people like you in this world. ~ R.M.

As always, you are always spot on!  Thank you. ~ R.S. (5 Ways to Disarm a Love Bombing Sociopath)

Girl! You have been a godsend to me!! ~ H.K. (True Love Scam Recovery Consultation)

Your voice is so different than any other advice about narcissistic sociopaths. It rings true with what I feel, that I’m okay and not doing something wrong. Other sites don’t talk about the things you do. I had consultations with one, in only one consultation (redacted) told me I had unresolved childhood issues which was harmful and seemed so off the mark. They increase self blame and confusion. I could hear you when we talked and then make real sense of what happened, of “How did I end up with a narcissist and a sociopath get into my life?” I took in this other advice and I’d ask myself, “Is there something wrong with me?” This thinking got me nowhere. Your voice, your take brought me out of trauma, out of shock and to a profoundly strong sense of self. My self-trust, self-love came into full bloom as a regard for myself that I always had, but didn’t really realize. I’ll never face this problem again, a sociopath or narcissist could never get to me, I’d see them coming next time thanks to you. ~ J.R.  (True Love Scam Recovery Consultation)

This article was excellent. Love it! ~ L.G. (Are Sociopaths Intelligent?)

I love your articles. I am so relieved to read your posts. I left my sociopath on 1/1/2017 after a 4 year merry go round. ~ S.M.

Hi Jennifer  that was a wonderful encourage ment, I do really appreciate all u have done for  me ,it helped even if it was an email. I really appreciate your kindness God bless u ~ A.L.

All of this is so true! I love your blogs. Thank you so much for sharing! ~ R.L.S. (Why Do We Believe the Lies of a Sociopath?)

You have described my experience of over twenty years with a con man Sociopath. I am going to save your article for reference. I have not been able to explain my situation to anyone as clearly as you have explained it in this post. I thank you. My attorney will thank you. I will refer to this often when I need to explain what happened to me, the depth of betrayals are so difficult to describe, until I read this. ~ C.N.W. (20 Characteristics of a Sociopath)

Thank you for your encouraging and informative writing!! ~ KH

I am grateful for resources like yours that give insight into abusive relationships. I can finally start to heal, move on and see the truth. Thank you. ~ J.D.

So looking forward to speaking to you again. Your page has helped me so much and was the first step on my journey to recovery. I didn’t know about sociopaths but I knew there was something wrong with him. I started Googling “grooming” and “love bombing” because I knew I had been targeted and violated, and that led me to and so many aha moments it all started to fall into place. Love and thanks to you. ~ J.H.

I felt like giving up yesterday before talking to you. I feel like you’ve given me a quicker chance to move forward. I went from confusion and bewilderment and just feeling impossible to being able to sleep for the first time in 3 days. I feel like I can go on, I choose life. I’m going to be more than okay.  ~ L.C.

Best article I’ve read on sociopaths. (Ways to Disarm a Love Bombing Sociopath) Really got to the core, especially the part about them being so paradoxical:  Disarming/.charming, yet boring as hell……no one yet has made this connection from all i have read.  It is absolutely true….Thanks! ~ H.G.

Your website and our recovery chats have saved me. Your website allowed me to kick him out. You saved my life. Reframing saved me. ~ J.R. (Reframe the Nightmare With a Sociopath)

YES!!! That second paragraph, is my whole 14.5 year marriage to a T! Almost verbatim. What a relief. ~ M.O.  (How to End it With a Sociopath)

I enjoyed your website and speaking with you and hearing about your story. All that you mentioned, is so true. Please keep up the good work and continue offering great enlightment to women. God bless you. ~ A.B.

Narcissists, Sociopaths, and Flying Monkeys – OH MY Glad we could help direct you (one of their FB readers) to the article and the True Love Scam website. They are really on point with their ASPD descriptors of men and women who pull romantic cons but are not in and of themselves prone to being terribly violent. (How to End it With a Sociopath)

Excellent article! (Sociopaths Hate Us) ~ J.S.

Thank you for helping others through this dark maze. ~ O.M.A.

This article is by far the best I have read on no contact! (Fearless and Free After a Sociopath) ~ K.D.

Thank you for this site, it has truly validated my experience with a sociopathic husband. Probably the most eye opening information is that these types of people DO exist in everyday life and they try and suck the living life out of people who enjoy life, find pleasure in things, can love and basically want to have connections with other living things. I consider myself a fairly intelligent, observant person and truly never realized until I was in it for 15 years, what a deep dark hole he was dragging me into. but to be fair, during those years, we went to two different marriage counselors ( I knew SOMETHING was wrong!) and none of them picked up on it… he was that good at convincing everyone what a great guy he is and how lucky I should be to be married to him. Thank you again for this site and the validation to those of us who need it to be able to move forward to a much better future! ! L.P.

Very very good article. ~ K.B. (Fearless and Free After a Sociopath)

Excellent article. ~  C.B. (Hoovering Happens)

Awesome articles. I feel better every time I read one of yours! : ) ~ J.K.

By far one of the most informative pieces I have ever read. Makes the madness of the last 8 years so simple to understand, thank you. <3 ~ A.G. (Sociopaths are Bored Nomads)

I so needed this laugh today! That they are sh*t…..! So true! ~ D.R. (Hoovering Happens)

This is bang on! They talk and talk and talk. Even when you try to walk away from a circular conversation and you think you are crazy; they follow and keep talking. I have never enjoyed quiet so much as I have for the last month since leaving. ~ T.S. (Sociopaths Talk a Lot)

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