2 Reasons Sociopaths Have Sex

Sociopaths use sex 
as a way to control targets or for a high.
Sociopaths do not feel emotional connection, love or like.

Sociopaths have sex or refuse to have sex for only two reasons.

1. To control a target.
2. For animal release and a high.

Sociopaths sexual activity initiates for these two very specific reasons and – at the same time – like all things about a sociopath, sex has no bounds.

Having a sociopath as a lover is hell. 

Sociopath Lovers Fake It

There’s no real “love life” with a narcissistic sociopath. Like all else about them, sexual and emotional attraction that leads to sexual intimacy: is fake. Sociopaths swoop in and make grand declarations of love and devotion. We assume it’s real because – well that’s what normal people do. We believe the relationship is real – until we don’t. The weirdness of sex with a sociopath is one of the holes in the picture-perfect life we thought we were about to have, that let’s us know things are very, very wrong.

Sociopaths refuse sex, and use sex for control or a high.

Sociopath’s Aversion to Sex

Sociopaths can reject target’s sexually once the “relationship” is established; this happens a lot, within marriages or live-together scenarios and comes with a bag full of excuses. It’s another paradox in the madness; a sociopath refusing or rejecting prey in the sex department has the effect of controlling us.

The refusal to engage sexually arises from the sociopath’s boredom, lack of connection and because after the marriage or the move-in the sociopath has the main objective fulfilled: a roof, a bed, an address, a retreat, a home base, a legal foundation and coverage for access to money, cars, and green cards. – And then they need to get busy – focusing all their attention on gaining other things: like more money and readying the next place to live before we begin to see through them or kick them out.

Contrary to much of the information floating around: sociopaths can’t fake anything well; they aren’t good “actors.”

Sociopaths Avoid Kissing (and Eye Contact)

For the simple fact that kissing is very intimate and sociopaths are not truly able to be intimate. Though some prey may be given the “pleasure” of being kissed by the sociopath who ensnared them; sociopaths avoid kissing many of their targets. They have no interest in being intimate; they have no idea what intimacy is beyond getting inside people’s live so they can take from them. – Think about it… We see it in the movies – there’s an age-old trade rule: prostitutes won’t kiss – because it’s the one thing they preserve for real intimacy rather than their work.

The sociopath’s narcissism never takes a vacation; even during sex.

Sociopaths Video Sex

Sociopaths love to make sex videos. The digital evidence that remains in their hands makes so many of us panic at the end; terrorized that the nutjob might post these online or give them to our family, or somehow use them against us. In most cases those images are long-lost. Dumped, deleted, in a phone they don’t have anymore; and are of such lame quality and “production value” no one can make out what’s going on or who’s in it anyway. The taping is yet another way to remove intimacy; to further objectify the target – this distance and non-intimacy is the sociopaths true feelings. We are objects to sociopaths.

True Story: One day while hunting and honing in on a new target, the target feeling butterflies, asked a flirty early-days normal question of the sociopath, “What’s your ‘type’; what kind of women do you like?” The answer was one of those bizarre head-spinners when a sociopath tells the truth: “Any woman with an a$$-h*le.” 

Intimacy in sex is absent and faked by sociopaths.
It’s buried in the request for “special sex”
Super intimate because it’s things they’ve “never done before with anyone.”

Sociopaths Love Anal Sex

There’s absolutely no positive, genuine, emotional care or attraction or depth from a sociopath towards their prey – so there’s no difference for them between males or females — or dogs or cats for that matter. So. Yes. People. Kids. Animals. Nothing is off bounds.

Anal sex is high on the sociopaths list as sexual activity. And – sociopaths are notorious for not wearing condoms – ever – with anyone they have sex with – and that means a whole heck of a lotta people.

And don’t kid yourself – it’s hurts like h-e-double-toothpicks and weakens immunity leading to many STD’s and other illnesses. No matter how hard the porn world or others try to convince us otherwise – this is not what most women want – at all. Nope.

Our bodies aren’t designed for anal sex – it can have really unpleasant and even dangerous results. Anal sex causes rectal prolapse, and tears leading to infection and lower immunity. It makes cancer and HIV higher on the list of possibility. — Make a comparison with smoking: not every smoker will end up with cancer, COPD, emphysema, heart attacks, bad teeth, and high blood pressure, asthma, vitamin deficiencies, but smoking – doing something our bodies were not designed to do – breaks down and tears apart our health and immunity to HPV, HIV, herpes, genital warts, and other STDs just a part of the menu – each of these weakening the body to be open to other illnesses.

When anal sex is demanded or expected by the sociopath partner typically a lot of other unusual and degrading things go along with it: alcohol and drugs are needed in order to cope. When the anal sex is forced, rough, manipulated and the last resort as far as making a connection with what we still believe is a true husband or boyfriend – the only outcome is sadness, isolation, rejection, depression, shame, disappointment, despair – and maybe really ruined health.

Sociopaths and Child Abuse, Pedophiles

Sociopaths are happy to – and diabolical enough to have sex with anyone, male or female. They aren’t really “bisexual” or “pansexual” since all sexual interaction is without true positive emotional bonding, like, love, care or concern or connection; it isn’t based in a healthy attraction but in the goal of self-survival and ensnaring another target or simply for a high.

Sickening to say, but there are no age or family relationship barriers as far as who a sociopath might see as a likely sex object or entice or force into sexual activity. – Do all sociopaths do this… how can we know the answer to that?  What we do know is: better safe than sorry.

See Sociopaths for What They Are

Learn what a sociopath really is. Accept it. Take it in. Know it in our bones. View their actions, and words from their tiny sick little mind. Appreciate how amazing we are as fully functioning humans. Once we understand this we can spot a sociopath from a zillion miles away. Stay sociopath free – forever.

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