Yeast Infections – Candida & Con Men

Narcissistic sociopaths do more than sap our bank account.
The fallout of our collision with the monster includes ravaged health.
Stress and anxiety make candida fungus grow and grow.
Yeast infections, exhaustion, depression.

As annoying as yeast infections are, the fungus that creates them does far more than make us itchy.

Let’s not get hung up on the word “fungus” (eeeuueewhh), but it’s why we often hear candida referred to as a bacteria – the thing behind infamous yeast infections is actually candida albicans or candida, for short.  Here’s the thing: we need candida… but in the right amount.

The thing is there’s a bundle of symptoms from candida funghi overpopulation aside from the good old yeast infection that might surprise us. Most of them play a part in the ptsd orchestra too: depression, fatigue, irritability, inability to concentrate, indecision, foggy-brain, I-can’t get-up-off-the-couch syndrome, UTIs… from too much candida funghi. overgrowth.

Let’s eliminate the candida form the ptsd.

Candida lives in our intestinal tract, we need it in a certain amount for good health. There are good candida levels and bad candida levels. When the candida overpopulation hits a certain high we crash super low.

Why does this matter right now!?
We have enough goin’ on!
We’re stressed, too freaked out to eat anything but donuts and Doritos.
And need a drink to fall asleep.
— This is exactly why this matters a whole lot right now.

Stress makes candida. Sugar increases candida. Hormones grow candida. Processed foods are a buffet for candida. Caffeine stimulates candida. Alcohol is a party and all the candida show up and make more candida. – We can fix it. If we don’t, we’re headed for trouble.

Candida comes with the same things that come with ptsd: sadness, confusion, fatigue, foggy brain, depression, anxiety. Candida overgrowth causes serious conditions and illness in addition to yeast infections.

Candida growth zooms from:
Hormone Changes. Alcohol. Sugar.
Caffeine. Antibiotics.
Grief. Stress. Trauma.
And Con Men.

Every monthly cycle as our hormones swing, candida grows. The antibiotics we take for related yeast infections and UTI’s causes more candida to grow.

Candida levels remain high and continue to escalate month to month, stress to stress.

Candida lives off sugar, caffeine and alcohol. Like any proper organism, candida drives to self perpetuate. – That’s one big reason we crave these goodies. Our body is begging for it.

 Conditions and Illnesses Caused by Candida.

Depression. Exhaustion. Anxiety. Allergies. Lethargy. Confusion. Chronic Fatigue.
Weepiness. Hopelessness. Lack of Vitality. Sadness.
Fungus. Fibromyalgia. Heart Failure. And More.

Here’s what we do, meine kleine Liebchen!

1 – Adjust our diet
2 – Take probiotics
3 – Take some remedies
4 – Start walking
5 – Get off antibiotics a.s.a.p.

First Things First.

Kill candida – get healthy. You might lose weight on this cleansing, restorative diet. If you lose too much, eat more! If foods aren’t okay’d on this list – don’t eat them. Maybe consult a great doctor.

6 Week Candida Cleanse Diet 

This is a strict all-out-kill-the-candida suggested diet. It’s is hard to maintain unless we eat close to this already. It isn’t necessary to go this extreme unless we’re really, really sick with candida. — Modify this as you like… and remember killing off candida – unless we also take Candex – makes us feel sick! Irony. It takes several days to detox, let the candida die-off and the headaches, flu like symptoms and fatigue to lift.


Protein – meats, eggs, fish – ideally organic
Plain greek yogurt – unsweetened
Almonds or walnuts in small portions
Garbanzo beans in limited amounts
Brown rice
Greens, greens and more greens: collard, spinach,
– chard, kale, turnip, dandelion, all of ’em.
Green Beans
Vegetables without high sugar – like skip beets and corn, go for green beans, bell  peppers, broccoli, leeks, bok choy, asparagus, fennel, endive, celery and others in this list and all you can think of.
Grapefruit whole & as fresh squeezed juice
Lemons & Limes
Can use Olive oil
Almond oil
Coconut oil


Herbal teas
Fresh lemon juice daily
Water – 8 glasses a day
Green juices without apple, carrot or beet.
Grapefruit juice, fresh squeezed

Use calm herbs like parsley, rosemary, tarragon, dill, oregano, thyme and caraway and citrus juices or zest to flavor foods.

Avoid: corn, beets, carrots, yams, sweet potatoes, peas, sugar, molasses, honey, agave, maple syrup or any sweetener, white rice, potatoes, pasta, popcorn, pastries, white flour, white rice, caffeine, alcohol, vinegar, hot spices, fermented drinks or cheeses or foods like kimchi, kombucha and blue cheese.

Making this change is a challenge! It can be tedious.
Do your best day by day.
You might feel sick as the candida “dies off”.

To support candida reduction and ease feeling sick take Candex. Candex kills the candida, even if you’re finding diet changes difficult. It is fantastic. Follow the bottle dosage directions. It’s at Whole Foods and online. Some people take activated charcoal to absorb the dying candida and avoid feeling sick.

There are herbal candida cleanse products out there. Look for them and choose as you feel is right for you.

Be Sure To Take Probiotics.


There is a Simple Candida Spit Test. This reveals candida overgrowth. In the morning before eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth, spit into a clean, clear glass of about 4 ounces of clean drinking water. Hold up the glass and take a look.

If you’ve got a clump of floating white mucous – you’ve got too much candida. “Legs” will trail from the cloud to the bottom of the glass. If the trails have granules little white nobs – you have lots of candida overgrowth.

There are other candida tests as well.

If you’re really looking to ramp up into a health make over, I discovered this 2014 award-winning, Saveur Best Food Blog. It was a winner in the special diet category. It’s a beautiful blog with innovative plant-based recipes: My New Roots

A votres santé mes petites!

Here’s to REAL True Love and Happiness!

Time to Thrive!

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