Do Sociopaths Love Their Kids?

In a word: no.
Sociopaths have no love for anyone.
They have a different biology, a different brain.
They have no idea what the sensation of love feels like.

Do Sociopaths Love Their Kids?

We’d certainly like to think every parent loves their children. When we’re ensnared by a sociopath It’s Twilight Zone enough to absorb the idea that they don’t love us. Jeez-Louise, how much hurt and rejection can a body take?

Here’s a little secret that seems counter intuitive, but when taken in and really looked at can reduce the pain: since they never loved us – or anyone else under the sun: they aren’t rejecting us. Wrap the little gray cells around that.

Take this bizarre fact into our hearts and hold it there: they never loved us – therefore – drum roll – here’s the great news: they are not, and did not, and cannot devalue or reject us. – Same goes for the kids. – No one can reject or discard something they didn’t care about. – Make no mistake – other people are a “something” rather than a “someone” to any sociopath.

Let the personal fall by the wayside and see what it is for a smoother, more accurate and more complete recovery for ourselves and the kids..

Remember – sociopaths are faking all caring, loving emotions. They really and truly feel none of it. Think of it like this: the kids are in their own True Love Scam with the sociopath parent.

No child benefits from a sociopath hanging around in their lives.
Or a narcissist for that matter.

As amazing and loveable as our kids are,
We love them – the sociopath does not.
And let me remind us all: that’s okay. 

Why Do Sociopaths Act Like They Love their Kids?

Hint: sociopaths do and say all they do and say to: get what they want by any means they deem necessary and to get away with it and maintain a ridiculous sense of a “good reputation.” So what do they need…?

To gain the trust of a new target: this can mean posing as a loving parent to hook them.
To look respectable to someone who is – or they imagine is – observing them, even on FB.
To convince someone they’re great: a neighbor, a stranger, the new target, a Judge.
To win a child over: to appear “great” – and for purposes too sick to mention. The worst.

Most people don’t do bad things to children. Ever. 

There’s no end to what a sociopath might do. They have no boundaries in place about anything because of the limited functionality of their brains. Since they make no positive connections to any living being, they also have no conscience. – No sense of what we consider “right and wrong.”

A parent without a conscience
does not love their kids.

To a sociopath, kids are fair game. This is  – in plain talk: is what a sociopath is. Lots of things in life can change – this cannot. Their abnormal brain leaves them stuck this way. They can be nothing else. For a sociopath – the dynamics between a child and themselves are no different then the dynamics between a sociopath and an adult.

Many of us experience this nightmare, though most around us don’t understand.

Antisocial psychopaths aka sociopaths do however, see that in the normal-people’s world (our world) there’s a vast difference between how we act towards a child vs. how we behave towards an adult. Like everything else normal and human about us – sociopaths try to mimic this. They slip-up in shocking and obvious ways –  and fail miserably – just as they do with everything else.

When Do Sociopaths Act Like They Love Their Kids?

The child has a price tag: to get child support – or to get out of it.
They sense or know that we see through them: the kids become ammunition.
They think they might lose out: when we talk divorce, or breaking-up – it’s to pull us in.
We ask too many questions about their lies: a type of love-bombing to reel us back in.

Protect the kids.

Sociopaths are simplistic, predictable and limited creatures. Most of them abandon their kids. Sociopaths don’t love or want their children – unless there’s something to gain by acting like they love their kids. Know we can turn a sociopath’s weakness and limitations – the sociopath’s deep and constant fear and fragile, house-of-cards existence – to our advantage. Save the children. Live again.

Here’s to REAL True Love and Happiness!

Time to Thrive!

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