1 Difference Between Male & Female Sociopaths

Is there a difference between male and female sociopaths?
Aside from the obvious…?
There is. And it’s a biggy.

tumblr_liimgyPMZ51qd0m9uo1_500All sociopaths have an abnormal brain. And they know it. As kids they know they don’t fit in. They know they’d like to strangle their puppy just as much as pet it – maybe more. They fantasize about bashing their little brother’s head in. But they know this isn’t “okay.”

They decipher from their parents’ frowns and scoldings and groundings, and sit-in-the-corners and probably eventually a few spankings by incredibly frustrated parents, that showing their true cold nature, their complete lack of loving feelings is not acceptable to the grown-ups around them. – And for now they need the grown-ups.

Sociopaths Are Sociopaths in Childhood

All sociopaths are identical in purpose: they want our stuff.
Our well being, health, bank accounts and sanity are the fallout.

As these antisocial psychopath children grow they learn to hide their oddity. They learn to hide the empty chilling-void where kindness and connection ought to be. They hone observation skills and catch on to how to appear normal with turned up lips in a smile to counterpoint their dead eyes. They figure out when to laugh and when not to; like at the teacher’s joke and not when that kid on the playground gets hit in the head during dodge ball.

“Antisocial” does not mean they don’t like parties and flirting.
“Anti” comes from Latin for “against” or “outside.”
Sociopaths behave “against’ or “outside” what’s expected in society.

They gain skills in using knowledge of ordinary, wonderful humans behavior to scam them. To steal. To take. To prop up their own empty souls. – After all every life forms strongest impulse is survival – be they male or female – normal healthy, gorgeous human – or antisocial psychopath.

Statistics say there are fewer female sociopaths than male sociopaths.
Maybe. Or are they harder to spot? – Less likely to be recognized?
Because – aren’t all little girls made of sugar and spice?
Not when they’re sociopaths.

Female Sociopath – Male Sociopath – All the Same Thing

Here’s how female and male sociopaths are alike:

All sociopaths think they’re superior beings to all normal people.
They’re proud of not having emotions.
Sociopaths have flexible and genderless sexuality.
They mimic normal people in order to gain trust so they can take and use.
Sex is used as a manipulation tool or animal release.
They have lots of people they scam at one time.
Everything they say is a lie.
Everything they say is to manipulate in order to take and not be caught.
All sociopaths lie, steal, cheat, are violent and ruthless.
There is no positive emotional bonding with any human being.
They feel no like, love, care, concern or compassion for any living being.

All sociopaths are identical.
Male and female sociopaths are identical in tactics, thinking.
Except in one respect.

Things Sociopaths Say

To understand the difference between male and female sociopaths, let’s see if we detect any distinction in these real, actual comments uttered by various sociopaths to a person they had ensnared:

You’ll never win. I can ruin you.
I’m not like you; I don’t care like you do.
I make everyone I date sick. (In the literal meaning, ill.)
You can’t beat me. I’ve been doing this since I was 17.
You don’t even know how many times I’ve brought other women/men in here.
You only think you love me. You don’t know me.
I can’t talk to people like you do, I’m not your average 22-year old.
These stupid police! I have them wrapped around my little finger.
I’m about to get physical. You don’t wanna see that.
I could make you jealous with men or women.
If you knew who I really was, you wouldn’t love me so much.
I’m not emotional.
I don’t have empathy. I’ve tried to have it, but I don’t.
I’m done with you. You’re useless.

Could you tell any difference? Could you detect which chilling phrase was hissed by a female or a male sociopath? Probably not. Not really. Because there is no difference – except one.

Female Sociopaths Differ from Male Sociopaths

In the area of offspring male and female sociopaths do vary. It’s a fundamental difference that affects the lives of tens of thousands of people across the globe who are the other parent, the grandparents, the half-brothers and sisters of these abandoned kids, the aunts and uncles and the children themselves – forever.

Female and male sociopaths are different about having children in the following ways:

The numbers of children they typically have.
The reason they have them.

Male sociopaths seem to be on a fervent mission to populate the planet with their offspring. And then abandon them. Never see them. Maybe never meet them from birth. Except to use them as images of fatherhood and their own awesomeness on Facebook and Instagram or as a doorway back into a former target’s life when things go bad and they end up without a place to sleep, shower and shave. Or for control. Sociopaths do not love their children.

Female sociopaths have children for one reason.
It’s economics. It’s for their own survival.

Female sociopaths don’t seem to have the overwhelming desire to sprinkle the earth with their seedlings the way men do. Although there may be rare exceptions to this, the vast majority of female sociopaths avoid having children. For one, childbirth ruins their marvelous bodies. It takes time. It takes them out of the con for too long altering the way they can operate significantly. There’s too much down time.

Female sociopaths do not love their children any more than a male sociopath does.

Sociopaths Use Their Children for Cash or Damage

There’re only a few raw reasons a female sociopath might go through the trouble and pain of having a child: In order to gain alimony and child support or property rights. This is usually done through marriage – sometimes not.  This makes a female sociopath stick tenaciously to their biological children if that child is a meal ticket. Having a baby or babies in lawful marriage leaves the female sociopath in a position of power to divorce and take alimony, property and child support money that is meant to be all for herself. These children are usually discarded once they reach puberty or early teens. – As soon as the child support is over. As soon as a better meal plan comes along in the form of someone with a bigger wallet. As soon as they’re bored. 

Sound impossible? Read here – the clear and words of a self-proclaimed female sociopath about children:

I find… children to be completely intolerable. It can be very difficult dealing with… children because they behave so selfishly and unreasonably. If it were just up to me, no problem, I could just ignore or terrorize them… ~ Words of a Female Sociopath

Believe it.

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