Are Sociopaths Intelligent?

Hardly. Sociopaths are not intelligent.
No conscience makes for no limits, not genius.

What sociopaths do to con is as old as dirt. Their tactics are seen in the fundamentals of martial arts and in books like The Art of War. Sociopaths use their opponent’s own strengths and weaknesses against them. Part of the trouble is: we don’t know we’re in battle. They do, giving a leading advantage, but in the end, they lose. In the meantime, we go through hell while they use our fabulousness against us. – It’s a temporary gain. They are not smart. – Sociopaths are dumber than boxes of rocks. They’re about as deep as a potato chip.

Sociopaths are ridiculous.

Sociopaths so-called intelligence is comparable to the cunning of pigs.

Traits of a Sociopath

Often listed among traits of a sociopath we see the word intelligentThe more appropriate term is cunning – at least it is on my list. Are sociopaths intelligent? No.

People say pigs are intelligent too.

I have a friend who had (yes – had) a pet pig. Cute and tiny at first, even soft and cuddly. My friend loved that adorable, tender, pink piggy. But, what people don’t tell you is that this sweet piggy, snuggling up as you watch TV on the couch together, grows bigger. And much, much stronger, harsher, prickly. They’re dirty. And they stink. They sprout a wet, snot-slicked, heaving-disc of a snout they use to constantly root, grunt and grind against anything and everything – including my friend’s leg, or any near by leg – 24 hours a day unless asleep – always looking for food. Perpetually. Relentlessly.

That pig did things to trick food out of my friend. It stole food off counter tops while my friend made a sandwich, ripping-off entire loaves of bread in it’s slimy little piggy teeth. It yanked kitchen drawers out of the wall by the handle in his iron clamp of a jaw, SpLaaaTTtttT! to the linoleum, snuffling through the contents baggies and aluminum foil flying hoping for a morsel, any crumb to eat.

That pig knocked into my friend’s legs so he buckled to one side, falling against the edge of the Fridgedaire, that pig nabbed goodies: grapes, avocado, tomatoes, strawberries – ice cubes. My friend, once again upright, closing the fridge door halfway on his own arm, then heaving with one foot on top of the pig’s head was the only way he could grab his own dinner ingredients. Every. Single Night. My friend was completely terrorized by an animal he’d taken in as a household pet – deep in guilt and trauma-bound to the soft-pink-piggy he’d loved so much.

You ask why not put the pig in another room, or outside…? That pig had broken the knobs on every door. It screeched bloody-murder out in the yard so it had to be let in before the neighbors called the cops.

Sociopaths are Cunning – Like Pigs

Yes, that pig didn’t know it’s survival came from my friend.
As much as it wanted what it wanted, it was not intelligent. Not. One. Drop.

One day – and I witnessed this – Mr. Pig, ran down the hallway to the foyer, his cloven hooves clicking with a brittle, final and endless foreboding. It clickity-clattered along the bamboo floor at the fastest velocity it could hurtle it’s 200 pounds – which was shockingly fast. Piggity had heard the front door open and sniffed the booty from the grocery store being carried in.

He slid to a partial stop as he hit his mark, deftly clamping the brown paper bag from the bottom corner in the steel-vise grip of his yellow, gruesome fang-teeth, leaned back into his hind-quarters, ripping a massive, gaping wound in the bag: apples, cookies, bananas cascaded in a smacking, tumbling avalanche. That pig snorted up all it could get it’s dirty claws and snotty nose on. Single-minded, the top of it’s metal-plate-of-a-skull bulldozed my friend’s hand out of it’s way, while he screeched and squealed and snarfed up the Oreo’s, packaging and all.

Have you ever heard a pig SKreEeeEEL when you try to take your own Oreo’s back?

Sociopaths Do Anything to Get What They Want – So Do Pigs

That pig tore up my friend’s bed sheets, pooped and pissed in the house whenever he felt like it. One fateful day, piggy-piglet adorably (maliciously) slammed the front door shut with his dripping, drooling face and battleship head while my friend got the mail from the streetside mail box, locking him out so that he had to clamber over his own 6” fence, just shy of breaking an arm when he dropped to the backyard mud. It used to be grass, but the pig ate it. And for all my friend’s embarrassed, sweating gymnastics, scaling the splintering planks would have been fruitless if the back entries hadn’t been sliding glass doors that the pig couldn’t budge.

Think About it This Way: Sociopaths have no emotional intelligence since their abnormal, under-functioning brains disallow processing or feeling any emotions other than want, anger, fear, deluded superiority and glee at getting what they want. Emotional intelligence is considered – certainly the most useful form of intelligence – if not the highest form and – we – highly empathetic people – have emotional intelligence by the ton.

Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

Sociopaths Cannot Survive Without People Believing and Trusting Them

The pig stood there at the patio door looking up at my flabbergasted, panting, scrapped up, trembling friend – hair tousled, glasses knocked crooked. His heart, body and pride had been through the ringer – the piggy, blinked his wire-like, pale lashes with a dumb, innocent look – that also held a warning: this time the pig had failed in his take-over, but there would be a next time. – Except there wasn’t. Because the very next day my friend sent that piggy away to a farm for unwanted, unmanageable pigs. There are apparently many such pigs on many such farms.

Are pigs sociopaths? No.
But sociopaths are pigs. 
Dumb. Ignorant. Conniving. Sneaky.
A great pretense of smart is put forth by them.

Our Empathy Buys Sociopaths Time to Take and Ruin

My friend felt so guilty, he gave that little piglet so many 2nd chances. Oh, that pig knew what he was doing. So do sociopaths. And it’s all riotous improvisation just like with the little piggy. – Snuffling out one opportunity after the next. Never ceasing in the hunt. Leaving us to leap tall fences. – But that’s okay – we’re our own Super Heroes. We are our own Angels. We are awesome!

Think of it Like This: Sociopaths are as out of control of their own existence and survival as the most helpless creature on earth. – If we didn’t believe them, where would they be? – Why Do We Believe The Lies of a Sociopath?

Sociopaths Hijack Our Humanity – Shut Down the Candy Store

So – a sociopath – like the revolting pig my friend took in as a defenseless, sweet pet (sorry animal lovers) uses our own strengths and weaknesses against us; our normal human gorgeousness – against us. Our own desires for love, a family, a home, a good life – against us. They. Are. Monsters. They aren’t intelligent. Just remorseless. They have no emotional connection to us, or to anyone – not even that other woman, or that one, or the other one, or that guy either.

We can use the sociopaths limited brain against them: Realize it’s a crime – not a relationship by any means. Know they lie at all times. Everything they say or do is to get what they want and not get caught. Don’t buy into their stories. Don’t respond to their emotional harassment and playing sick and sob stories. End it asap. Go no contact and stay there forever. Reframe the nightmare.

Here’s to REAL True Love and Happiness!

Time to Thrive!

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