True Love Scam™ Recovery Guidance Sessions

True love scam is horrific.
It’s full of trauma and loss.
There’s light before the end of the tunnel.

A True Love Scam™ recovery session is a one-on-one consultation
with Jennifer Smith by telephone.


This is a huge thing to go through, I know, I’ve done it. You can too.

Read all about me, Jennifer Smith. 

You’re not alone. We’re made of everything we need to survive and thrive.

Our deep human need for harmony, our empathy, our great goodness, our capacity to love – all the traits we’re targeted for – are the very traits that bring our healing.

Our humanity sets us free.

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Get real support out of the nightmare.

Set up a Session. Or a few. 

Sessions are 60 minutes or longer.

Each consultation includes a summary email as a guide and reminder.

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A True Love Scam™ recovery session is like no other support out there:

Real-deal insight.
Skills to decode a sociopath and see the truth.
The map out of the emotional, mind-bending maze.
Unwind the nightmare.
The end to the madness.
Guidelines for healing and freedom.
Suggestions for repairing our ravaged physical health.
Appreciation for how amazing we are.

Tips for court preparation and safety.
Many light bulb moments.
Validation. Hope.

Each call is followed by a recap-summary email for continued support and encouragement.

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Here’s what other’s say about their True Love Scam™ recovery sessions and the after-call, summaries sent for reference and continued encouragement:

This recap is fantastic. Thanks for reminding me of what we spoke about and your commentary is insightful. You probably have saved lives. ~  C.S.

I just want to thank you again for helping me to shift the full responsibility of my recent abuser back into him. It’s cleared a path for me to work on my original trauma. My mom. Making great strides as it’s empowering to have the correct perspective. Working on my adult response to the childhood wounds as she is still trying to control me through my children. I won’t let that happen nor will I subject them to the mind screwing behavior of denial that holds her captive to her own trauma. Thanks helping me get unstuck!  ~ T. M.

Our session has saved me incredible amounts of grief and anxiety this past week. Thank you sooooooo much again. ~ I.P.

Just talking to you, now I feel like a human again. I haven’t felt like this in 3 years. ~ M.

Girl! You have been a godsend to me!! ~ H.K.

After the 1st talk with you, I’m so much better. You saved my life. ~ J.P.

Our conversations have been the best medicine. You’re worth a million to me!! ~ P.M.

It was wonderful talking with you! Like a true angel rooting for me!
I would be dying inside without you! Thank you so much! ~ N.C.

It’s all coming together. Thank you so much for your support. It’s Priceless. ~ J.M.

I feel validated. ~ C.C.

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“It’s not easy to talk about big things…. Of course it isn’t. But you know something? Talking about it – just saying a few words – is often enough to help. Words can make big things little, you know.” ~ The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party, Alexander McCall Smith

Here’s to REAL True Love and Happiness!

Time to thrive!

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