Pre-Call Form

True Love Scam Recovery Phone Conference Call


Nothing fancy here, just a quickie bit of your time to fill in the form below so we can be sure to cover the top concern and other concerns of people on each call.

Nothing you tell me in this form, or privately is disclosed by me to the group. Only you bring up anything about yourself and your circumstances or challenges in recovery during the call.

Please fill this out to your heart’s content – or send in very little. All of this tells me where you are in the whole nightmare of escape, ptsd, recovery. It all helps.

If you’ve already emailed in to me about your circumstances, or had private sessions with me, please know I have that information – you don’t need to put it down again. But – feel free to add or say anything you like!

After I receive your form, I’ll email information about how to call in on the group session day.

Time zone will be referenced as Los Angeles, California time. Please convert to your time zone – or send me your zip code and I’ll let you know when to to call in.

During the calls:

There’s never anything required during the call.
Feel free to listen only.
There’s no diagnosis of your emotional or mental health.
There is no judgement.
There’s 100% confidentiallity, respect and appreciation for all participants.
Expect to feel infinitely better and to laugh during the call.


No one can see this form.

After you hit “submit” you will see your message on the screen.

Only you see this.

This is only visible to you.

No one else ever sees what you write.


Thank you so much!!

There’s nothing any of us could or should have done differently.
What we do now, our perspective and understanding of what happened is the foundation for healing.

You are awesome!

We’ll talk soon,

— Jennifer Smith