Sociopaths are Bored Nomads

Sociopaths are Bored. And Boring. As in: Big Yawn.
Sociopaths are bored often.

Sans anything going on other than monotonous, grinding “want.”
The brain of a sociopath is mostly empty.

Sociopaths are devoid of nuance. Absent of shades or variations lending uniqueness. The part of the brain that registers like, love, care, concern, compassion is – unplugged. It doesn’t operate normally. They’re just kind of Blah. They pretend to feel ’cause they know this emptiness freaks us out. – And, at least in the beginning, they don’t want us freaked out –  they’re fakin’ it to get things. – Hey – By the way, female sociopaths are just as boring.

Normal humans have emotional shades and nuance. When we take in a moment in life, a human exchange, our bodies make up a chemical mix that rushes through our blood stream  to the brain and animates us in emotional responses of gratitude, empathy, delight, joy, or reverent awe, or an endless combo of sensation.

A grand cocktail of life that forges deeper connections with others around us and to our very selves. – In a sociopath this function is absent. They switch emotional response on and off – sort of. But not really. There’s still no one (human) home. Though a sociopath might say: We feel emotions. Ours are just different. – Well. Yah. That’s the point. They’re pretty much just Monster.

Sociopaths mimic emotions they see us feel.
They don’t feel feelings like we do.
It’s all bars and tone – or desire and rage in the sociopath’s brain.

Sociopaths Don’t Feel Connecting Human Emotions

The simple things that take our breath away, illicit tears, smiles, giggles or a sigh weigh in as a heavy clunk of next-to-nothingness in the sociopaths “heart”. The pride in our child’s college graduation, first prom, first steps, or our teary eyed satisfaction at giving the perfect gift to a loved one are experiences a sociopath will never have. Nope. They have more like white noise where love should be. Or blazing contempt. Or boredom.

When we feel:

Delight – At our child’s achievements.
Pleasure – In helping someone besides ourselves.
Joy – At a new-born baby.
Compassion – For another’s sorrows.
Satisfaction – In a job well done.

A sociopath registers personal gain:

Delight – At ensnaring a new victim.
Pleasure – In a well told lie.
Joy – At scamming a new place to live.
Compassion – There is none for anyone.
Satisfaction – In a smear campaign well done.

And then they’re bored.

A sociopaths sole desire is to suck-in, take, and destroy. They’re laser focused on this – and also get bored along the way. Sociopaths spice things up flipping from one scheme to another. They seem to have many “projects” going on, or a lot of “opportunities” they’re considering, or they talk about many “business” ventures they’re setting up all at the same time. They’ll talk about one – forgetting they were hot on another two weeks before – then shift back to the first one or a third and a fourth one – staying up all night to plot it out.

This back and forth shuffle is sifting through “plans” – searching for the “idea” – that sticks. The one that brings them money through “investors” and “lovers” – meaning the one that drains money from their targets, those other women and men we don’t know are in the picture being used just as we are.

Instead of Bonding: Sociopaths learn new tricks with each person they con. The nut-job who took me for a spin on a crazy-go-round learned that USCIS (U.S. Immigration) doesn’t check a green card applicant’s previous marriages – or current ones  – other than to the spouse sitting right there in front of them with the immigrant (scammer) during the USCIS interview. – Meaning he could have 50 wives and no one will know.

Without emotional attachment where’s the thrill in staying?
It’s business as usual for a sociopath.
Another boring day on the job.
This is no romance – it’s a crime.

Con Men Get So Bored

Ironically, this boredom with a person they don’t care about is one of the most normal things about a sociopath besides the need to eat and sleep. Without emotional attachment pretending to be in love with someone could get kinda boring when you think about it. And bothersome. And loathsome. – And don’t they show it!

The boredom makes it hard to keep up the front. They drop it and then shove the mask back ,in place drop it, put it up. They’re dropping the facade out of boredom, turning their attention towards the scent of new targets in the excitement of the hunt and anticipation of the pretty things they want to steal. This inconsistency is how we see through them, but that’s okay with them, sociopaths don’t care about longevity – they care only about winning what they’re after and going free from blame.

And so, the change in geographic locations over and over. Every 3 – 10 months they need a complete rotation in prey and  new hunting grounds. They might fluff things up by leaving town for bit – or –  their welcome is so worn out – meaning too many peeople are cathching on to what they are – they’re forced to move on entirely. They pack light. They leave things behind. They skip and hop from place to place without their name registered on a lease or posted on a mailbox. They hide behind their prey for official things like rental contracts that tie them down.

It just got sooooo boring up in here.
What…?!! Stay because of a job? Pffhhhtt!!

Most sociopaths have sketchy work history – or work they fake – other than a spot of something real here or there at best, but you can be sure to find fantastic things about the great work they’ve accomplished online – ’cause that’s what they were really doing up all night: posting incredible things about themselves. Without that – they’re so boring.

Whether a sociopath skulks in a low rent district or a high-rise, through all the lies they’re hard to trace and difficult to pin down. The bored nomad-sociopath moves on to shake trouble from their tail and stir up glittery resources. They make a get-away to fresh territory and ripe untapped prey – “want” never leaves them – ever on the search for more money and more fun. – Otherwise – they get so bored.

Sociopaths are bored. And boring. Big yawn.
Who needs ’em?

There are many great books here to read more about these travelling monsters. Understand what’s really going on and set ourselves freeeee!

Here’s to REAL True Love and Happiness!

Time to Thrive!

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