Rebuild Health After a Sociopath

They took our heart, our wallet and our health.
Now we’re going to repair to a stronger, better self!

Rebuild health after a sociopath, after the trauma. Take care of ourselves during ptsd.. These are our priority once some of the chaos has calmed down. It will be difficult to pay attention to and nurture ourselves. We’re still busy with attorneys, courts, kids, financial repair. Grief. Loss. Betrayal. However: rebuild health we must. Or become very sickly and stay weak. This is not an option. We are Awesome!

Breathe. Revive. Restore. Heal.
Sound like a new agey-yoga-mantra?
Think twice: If we don’t do these things we will not make it.
If we don’t rebuild our health with natural,
easy, daily nurturing and self-care: we can become very, very ill.

Prescription meds, alcohol and coffee are not the solution; they will be the cause of more destruction of our health and happiness. Those with no previous anxiety issues may have them after a sociopath. Insomnia could reign. Immune disorders plague us.

Out of sync adrenal glands & weakened over stressed livers can cause a number of diseases.

Extreme weight loss early on, followed by weight gain later, will stretch and deplete our bodies. And, oh my gosh..! Who wants to be ill and not able to wear our favorite jeans? — Because of a con man!?!?! No. Nope. – Not. An. Option.

Assuming we all know now, the monster was a monster and it wasn’t romance.
Let the final and ultimate healing begin.

I know we’ve all heard a zillion times: Eat your vegetables! Get sleep! Exercise! Take your vitamins! Well. Those are all true and wonderful bits of advice. Now they’re a matter of life and death. Rebuild heath after a sociopath and the trauma of it all or spiral into ill-health and a life of medications and chronic complications. Seriously. Serious as a panic attack. Or a heart attack.

Supplements. Foundational Healing.

Vitamin C. Depletes itself in our system day-to-day; Vitamin C is essential.
Brewer’s Yeast. – No. We won’t turn into beer.
Spirulina. – A complete plant protein.
Adrenal support. – That fight or flight cycle. We’re exhausted.
Vitamin B. – Lots. It’s in yummy foods too.
Candex. — Eliminates the excess candida.

Remember – please, do research, make personal decisions based on our own health and bodies.

Food. “Awesome Foods” to Add to the Mix.

Make the foods we eat organic as often as we can.
If we can’t – don’t stress it. Just eat real, natural, whole foods.
Try to add in veggies; eat less of the things that aren’t so good for us.

Have some:

Bananas for potassium.
Sweet potatoes.
Green leafy veggies: Chards, Kales, Lettuces, Spinach, Greens.
Raw Almonds.
Fresh lemon juice in water. – Super detox: Lemon juice and Baking Soda in water.
Grapefruit. (Unless on certain meds.)
Oranges and Blueberries.
Ginger. Licorice root. Fennel. Cinnamon.

I make lemon juice in water my first morning thing. I stay away from sugar, caffeine – when I can – and alcohol… except when I do take a glass of big red. I’m soooo not strictly, strictly perfect, and thank goodness, we don’t need to be. Sometimes too many rules cause us to backlash and go the other direction: Like eat a box of Oreos for dinner.

grapefruit-300x1901-150x150Why do we want to limit or stop eating  sugar, alcohol, caffeine — and fast food and processed foods?  They make us tired from an overage of sodium, sugar in many forms, bad fats and preservatives. They don’t nourish or bodies, our minds or spirits. They create candida in the body which leads to all sorts of nasty situations including feeling down, being foggy brained and unshakeable fatigue. – All the extremes of salt, fat, sugar make us slow and ultimately potentially have ill-health. They also overload and confuse our flavor sensors leaving us convinced natural, unaltered foods are boring or don’t taste good.  – In other words, and this idea will hit home: processed foods lie, they’re fake.

I’m a smoothie fan. I make a banana and raw almond drink nearly every morning. One banana, 8 ice cubes, water and about 15 almonds.Blend like crazy. Yum. Top with cinnamon.

My favorite blender: An Oster – blends greens like a champ & easy on the budget.

Nothing like a light, herbal tea smoothie: Steep 2 herbal tea bags in boiling water in an 8-ounce or larger glass. Add the brewed tea to a blender with lemon zest (flakes of lemon peel) and a squeeze of lemon juice, maybe a squeeze from an orange, a shaving of ginger or a few blueberries and 8 or 10 cubes of ice and blend! Voila! A frothy, juicy, delicious anytime-drink. Improvise! Make your own gorgeous health rebuilding tea smoothie! Think: spearmint, cayenne, cinnamon, ginger, strawberries, hibiscus.

Start Juicing! The best juicer out there. I have one.

For excellent smoothie recipes full of healing to rebuild health after a sociopath – and any old-time take a look at these books:

Green for Life, written by a woman in Ashland, Oregon who got her whole family and half the town drinking green. Try The Best Green Smoothies on the Planet. And a Kindle version of recipes in the Micronutrient Miracle Reboot, more than 30 tea and smoothie recipes to  reboot the brain and rebuild health. And Super Food Smoothies, a good old-fashioned flip-the-pages-book of smoothie recipes to rebuild health.


Walking. Yoga. Bike Rides. Swimming. Light Hikes. T’ai Chi. Stretching.

Movement facilitates healing. In trauma and grief one of the first responses is to nearly stop breathing and then breathe at a very shallow level. The build up of emotional memories, the lymphatic system, the muscles all need stirring up. We need oxygen in our red blood cells and feeding our stressed out brains. If we don’t move we stay stuck.

Because it’s still sometimes hard to get out of the house.
Because we might have the motivation at midnight.
Light up the laptop, the tablet or smart phone for a personal online class.

There are fantastic online yoga classes through Yoga Glo. Make a custom class list. 10, 15, 20 to 120 minute long classes. Chose from Body, Mind and Heart classes. Pretty nifty. 13-Day free trial and Join for $18 a month. Drop the subscription anytime.

There’s s a great online walking series.Free, on You Tube. You walk away right in your own living room. Leslie Sansone is the kind-hearted lady who designed the videos and walks us through them. She offers 1, 2, 3 and 4 mile walks and some with bands and light weights. No specials moves – just move. Promise you’ll be sweating 6 minutes in and feel great after any of her videos. They’re also available for sale all over the place; at Wal-Mart and Amazon and you get the idea.

More online workouts: Jessica Smith TV; low impact cardio – with Jessica and her cute doggie who also sometimes joins in right there in Jessica’s living room while we shake it up in ours.

Health and Body System Restoration.

Acupuncture. Acupressure. Massage. Steams. Saunas.

If you’re in LA check out Wi Spa, an amazing Korean spa open 24 hours a jade sauna, a salt sauna, a clay sauna… more, more, more. Check your city for a similar Korean spa. — If not – for those who can grab a bit of time before bed, make your own home shower a steamy escape. Shower or bathe in candle light with beautiful music playing.

Mix and match all the above methods of recovery. Try a different one different days of the week. Doing something new, something different – something other than sitting in a chair and ordering pizza is going to go a long way towards healing and becoming ourselves again.

Here’s to REAL True Love and Happiness!

Time to thrive!

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