Rebuild After The Nightmare – Our Dreams Hold the Key

Write down our dreams we’ll see who we really are.
Not our goal-dreams – our nighty-night, sleepy time dreams.


We really do have all we need inside our selves. One of the most underused resources to our inner life and inspiration and self-knowingness is our dreams. The kind we have in bed at night.

By writing down our dreams the morning after we can find many clues and answers to what we want, how we’re doing, and who we are. – What we need, what’s going right, what we need to do next. – May sound absurdly simple and a little to hippy-dippy. – That kind of thinking is something that leads us to losing out on something significant right in front of us. And free too.

Writing down dreams is a door to ourselves.
In this book: A Field Guide of Lucid Dreaming, the author says:
“Every time you dream, you are washing up on the shores of your own inner landscape.”

Here’s how to find our inner landscape and see who we are – and how amazing:

  1. As we go to bed tell ourselves to remember our dream.
  2. Have a notebook or paper and pen or pencil nearby.
  3. Sleep, dream. And wake.
  4. Grab that paper and pen and write what we remember of our dream.
  5. Start with whatever’s in our head and keep going.
  6. No worries about the beginning, middle, end. Just write.
  7. Keys to what we were really dreaming about fly from our pen to paper.

Here’s an example of my dream writing.
I know other people’s dreams are hideously boring. Skip it if you like.

In the dream I wake in the middle of the night and walk into my kitchen, on the way there gigantic outdoor type roaches are crawling on the carpet and on the kitchen floor.

So you’d think in the dream I’m reliving trauma and having a “bad” dream.
Let’s see the next segment of the dream:

I’m spraying the roaches with a clear plastic bottle of bleach and water. It’s killing them. It’s gross. I hate them. Then the bugs are gone, but my laptop – the one I write to you all from daily – is open and sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor in a flood of water nearly covering it. I pick it up and tip it to drain water out. I’m estimating the damage, and how to get the water out.

The laptop gets smaller in my hands as things in dreams can. – I believe it will be okay. Then a fire starts inside the computer. I blow the flames out, and place it on my desk. It’s very small now and thick, all one piece like an old clunky cell phone. Aaaaaad: It comes to my dreaming mind that it’s amazing that I do so much on this little thing.

So – all okay in the end.
But a weird and gross dream.
Some people might imagine it is a foreshadowing of something disastrous.
Or that it’s about anxiety and fear.

I sat myself down with my delicious morning French press, so-strong-you-need-a-spoon coffee and wrote out my dream as it came to me. In the sloppiest penmanship imaginable. I can’t even read it. As I wrote my deeper psyche-unseen things behind all the elements and happenings of the dream fell onto the paper – that’s the magic – and lo-and-behold as the key words describing the real truth of the dream popped out at me I felt better and better and finally, kind of in awe of myself – and of life.

As I wrote down the dream-scenario of killing the bugs, what I had to do to accomplish their slaughter poured out – thoughts I hadn’t had as I was dreaming: I had to chase them, go after them… I had to be relentless, I had to be aggressive, I had to be persistent, I couldn’t give up. And I was, and I didn’t. – And it wasn’t those nasty bugs I was dreaming about after all: It was me, and how I am in my life. – A dream reminder that I’m doing okay. – And handle things well and am resourceful and ... You get the idea.

I wouldn’t know that if I hadn’t written the dream down.
I just woulda been bugged by those bugs all day.

And the laptop in a puddle and then on fire? — Writing down the dream revealed it was about how I handle things well, how confident I am that all will be well. No matter what. It showed awe and gratitude I hold for myself for turning my hideous time with a con man into a positive. – This had been my determination when I found out what he was – didn’t know how then – but I determined the hijacking would be the best thing I had ever done.

The emails from readers and the amazing recovery session results are proof of that – it amazes me every day. –  All from such a tiny little corner in my tiny little home from my tiny little laptop and myself. Humbling. Awe inspiring. i inspired myself with my own self. – Not such a bad dream after all. – But – I wouldn’t have known it if I hadn’t written it down.

Write down our dreams to see who we really are.


Here’s to REAL True Love and Happiness!

Time to Thrive!

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