True Love Scam Recovery – Jennifer Smith Public Speaking

True love scam is horrific.
Information, education and insight can end the harm.
We see it in movies, books, TV. We don’t expect it in our own living room.
It’s misunderstood, judged and rife with trauma and loss like no other.

True Love Scam Recovery Public Speaking

Talks are customized with support materials

and dialogue cover any of the following:

Recognizing a sociopath when we meet them, avoiding their trap, the mind and nature of a sociopath, breaking free if we’ve been ensnared, understanding what really happened, securing our lives from their return by Hoover-Proofing our lives, being a Non-Threat and going and staying No Contact. The True Love Scam Recovery Technique that let’s us find emotional freedom and regain our amazing selves.

Q & A, or mini one-on-one sessions.

Insight that makes a difference.
Talks are encouraging and the real-deal.
Guaranteed life-changing and full of hope.

Thank you!

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Here’s to REAL True Love and Happiness!
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