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Wonder what to expect in your True Love Scam Recovery consultation…?

It’s a chat, a friendly voice – it’s someone who gets it. It’s encouragement. Light bulbs go off.

It’s a compass pointing our way out of the hall of mirrors. After a session your mind is clear enough to make the next decision, then the next one.

You get an email summary of the things we talk about. Direct actions for your health, safety, and an understanding of how to change the madness to your freedom.

Make sense of every last tid-bit. 


It’d be great if we could just call grandma or our dad.
But this just isn’t anything normal.
I’ve even coached psychologists and mental health workers,
cops and nurses out of true love scams.

It starts like this: “Hi, this is Jennifer!” And you say, “Hi. This is Liz.” or “Rowan” or “Bud” or “Sally” or “Rhonda” or “Gary.” – And then we get into it. Tell me: I want to hear where you are in the crazy right now. And we go from there. I walk you out of the storm.

I’ve been in it. I know. I’ve helped hundreds of other people break free and find safety, sanity and a great life again. We can escape, heal, recover, trust again, live again and thrive. Really. (And yah… they always lose.)

You’re not alone.

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