Narcissistic Sociopaths Secretly Love The Holidays

The alchemy that makes up these nightmares
is a mix of the sociopath’s psyche and what goes on inside normal
human beings, rooted  in our innate goodness.

During the holidays normal people want things merry and bright. We have family visiting, kids to make memories for, traditions to uphold, trees to decorate, cookies to bake, presents to wrap.

It’s never easy to grasp the real-deal stark reality of what’s going on in these hijackings – the secrets, the subtext and hidden motivations of these creatures when we’re in the initial throes of the struggle clearing the fog to confirm the person we love is a monster – the holiday season is the bitterest time of all for decoding what’s up.

It’s horrifying, revolting and nauseating to see what sociopaths really intend.
Drilling down to the raw guts of what’s going on is a necessary skill. 

Going deeper to see their motivation takes wading up to our necks into exhausting, counterintuitive territory, into thinking that’s not natural, but mimics the way these beasts think. At Christmas or Kwanza this doesn’t go down well no matter how much egg nog we gulp with it – we put this aside and make nice for family, for the kids, and because we’re bone-breakingly weary.

Embrace our lives with compassion. 

We readily find more palatable explanations for their behavior that keeps us afloat, but in pain we console ourselves to live with, at least for now. Humans would rather suffer, stewing in comforting platitudes: “Life isn’t fair,” “Relationships aren’t easy,” or “Nothing’s perfect.”

We’d rather live in discomfort, bear a cross or carry a scar than see someone else look bad, especially someone we love. And yet, on the flip side, we tripped into the trap of a sociopath based on platitudes of the opposite camp: “Dreams do come true,” “Prince Charming is out there,” “It was meant to be.” — We’re a strange lot, us humans; imperfectly perfect and all around gorgeous, full of flaws and foibles… but at the end of the day we’re honest, loving, kind and we care… oh, how we care.

If we can’t delve into the truth as November fades onto December, we must once January hits… there’s so much more to it all and such a better ending if we can only keep seeking, keep asking and accept no scars, no compromise, no “victim blaming,” no “codependent” label, no shame, and take no responsibility for the sociopath’s inhumanity.


p style=”text-align: center;”>Why is it these freaks secretly love the holidays?

‘Tis the Season.
Our holiday sentimentality makes us easy pickin’s

Sociopaths Secretly L.O.V.E. the Holidays

The sociopath argues and kicks to avoid our family gatherings, plays sick, feigns depression, an emergency takes them out of town… anything to get out of showing up at our side clutching a bottle of wine or poinsettia plant on our parents doorstep Christmas Eve or any night of Hanukkah. – They care so little, we’re so low on their radar it’s one more heartbreak when we don’t even get a gift from them.

Never forget everything they do and say is for gaining their own agenda.

Why Do Sociopaths Avoid Our Holiday Family Gatherings?

In truth sociopaths love the holidays, but not for the reasons we do; they have no use for spending the holidays with prey that’s already in their pocket. They prefer and need to be elsewhere for their own survival.

Narcissistic Sociopaths Secretly Love the Holidays

The Holidays are a wonderful time of year… to scoop up and nail down new prey or swoop back around to pull in “ex” prey. Having observed that we’re sentimental, more vulnerable, lonelier, and swooning at the magic of the season, sociopaths can’t miss this chance of pinging our emotions and prying open our hearts, to grab and squeeze for all we’ve got.

The dirt-bags aren’t sick or too depressed… they can’t come with us to dad’s house because they have three other targets to visit at this hopeful time of year. Of eight, or twelve. This is prime hunting season.

To new prey, to the “ex” the loser suddenly seems sentimental and romantic easily entangling vulnerable souls with a (false) marriage proposal or a hint at “more.” They embed and ingratiate themselves: “I know your mom’s is in town, let me take you out to dinner, to the Christmas tree lighting, to the Weinachtzeit bizarre… let me show you around town.“

This sentimental season inherently gives more bang for their pathetic bait and hooks. Since we’re more emotional, the sociopath appears doubly generous, charming, loving, devoted, fresh, exciting – a genuine Christmas miracle.

As a new “love” just introduced to mom or our brother their surface gloss is appropriately formal, diffident and polite; juxtapose this with what we do as normal humans: read our own meaning into what other’s do and say from our emotional map… and we’re a cooked goose served up on a silver platter.

Caught in the spirit of the season, the sociopath does little while we imbue their gestures with greater significance than at any other time of year. They get in deeper, faster, quicker performing their lame repertoire of silly bits when there’s tinsel on the tree or a menorah on the sideboard.

Sick? Depressed…? On a business trip? Nope – they’re wanting to get away to snoop-on old targets who kicked them out, visit hidden wives, take bikes to kids we know nothing about – and most of all lock in that new-bit they lifted last Wednesday while pretending to work late. They’re way to busy to hang with us, we’re already nailed down. – They do the same with our birthdays… we’re not on any list when we’re in the bag.

Sociopaths absolutely adore the holidays. 

Remember, everything a sociopath does or says is to appear normal, to get what they want, to cover up what they are and to use and take more, to keep it and to go free. We’ll never see what’s happening using our own emotional thinking based in our own human, limbic, mammal brains. We aren’t the ones doing these things – they are… think like a sociopath to reveal what they’re up to – it isn’t personl, it’s all about them.

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