True Love Scam™ Recovery Meeting – Los Angeles

True Love Scam is a mess.
Recovery doesn’t happen alone.
Insight to our awesomeness and freedom are here.

Register for the True Love Scam™ Recovery Meeting in Los Angeles

June 25, Sunday 10:00am to 1:00pm

The last Sunday in June.

This is going to be a small group of survivors and thrivers. It’ll be coffee, tea, recovery and super breakthroughs.

And guaranteed laughs.

For reals. This will be fun.

Knowing we’re not alone takes us a long way to healing and full recovery.  


New friends and comrades in escape and survival!
Printed True Love Scam™ Recovery materials.
And coffee or tea on me!

As always:

Privacy is respected and protected.
— Feel free to use an alias – a name aside from your real one.
What’s shared at the table, stays at the table.
— No photos, social media or public disclosure of the event.

The location will be emailed out two days before the event. 

The True Love Scam™ Recovery tips.
Encouragement. Insight into how awesome we are.

Understanding of the madness. Healing. Freedom.
And a darn good time. Really.

Register and reserve your place at the table for the
Sunday, June 25, true love scam™ recovery meeting, Los Angeles here:

Use debit, credit or PayPal accounts. With debit or credit check-out as a PayPal “guest.” Also use Venmo as a new feature within PayPal!

After registration you’ll be taken to
the True Love Scam Recovery website.

You’ll get a confirmation email from Jennifer within eight hours.

Join the True Love Scam Recovery email list

Add jennifer (at) truelovescam (dot) com to your contacts and check Promotions tab in Gmail.

Here’s to REAL True Love and Happiness!

Time to Thrive!

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