Married to a Sociopath

Married to a Sociopath. No Little Girl’s Dream.

Wedding Bells. Cake and champagne.
I didn’t grow up with ideas of a perfect wedding.
Maybe I should have.

Married to a sociopath is a hideous state of affairs. Since sociopaths are adept at sweeping us off our feet most of us have fairytale and whirlwind stories of how we found ourselves married to a sociopath.

I was so fortunate in my discovery of his real monster self, just 10 months later and in getting him out of my home. I reframed the nightmare, managed to victoriously overcome and shine through ptsd after a sociopath. I discovered and understood the sociopath behind the mask, breaking free, winning an annulment, gaining back my health and happiness. Sociopaths are monsters with a brain wired for cruelty and harm.

The saving grace is the sociopath’s predictability and vanity. I refreshed my practice of Nichiren Buddhism with SGI and then, with wisdom leveraged his weaknesses to remove him from my life, keeping him from having any further interest in me, as well as reporting him successfully to authorities. I gathered beautiful new friends and learned more about life, living and myself.

bells-blue[1]Marking the day – May 29th, 2012 – the day I was married to a sociopath, I’m telling my story – as a story. — Since this is a story, I’ll give him a name – I’ll call him Efosa. Names have been changed not to protect the sociopath I married, but his children and others. He’s out there on the loose still scamming and stealing hearts and lives with the promises of a con man. For me, it happened like this…
Happy Tuesday.

As planned, Efosa and I showed up the right side of noon, morning for us, Tuesday, May 29, at the Registrar in Beverly Hills to apply for a marriage license. Efosa dubbed this, our 7th day together, our wedding day: ‘Happy Tuesday’. We’d thought no further. We had no idea what to do after getting the license, we hadn’t even talked about it. I didn’t know how one got married, though I had done it once before. It was Efosa who knew we needed proof of divorce, one from each of our first marriages, and his annulment document from a more recent marriage.

We sat and stood alternately, excited, a little impatient, in the grand foyer of the historically preserved registrar’s office…

Read the rest of the tale of the day I got married to a sociopath here…


Here’s to REAL True Love and Happiness!


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