D.I.Y. Guide to a Sociopath’s Psyche

Detecting sociopaths, narcopaths, narcs is easy once we’re aware.
There are people out there who embody evil.
Their hearts are colder than ice; harder than stone.
And ironically their brains are pretty empty.

noun_projectHow Sociopaths Think: I don’t lie. They’re the liars. What they don’t know won’t hurt them. HaaahaahAAaa! I don’t give a S–t if it hurts them. They’re so stupid. It’s fun to watch them cry. They’re bad. And crazy. They deserve it! I’ll keep those stupid people hooked. Women like to fall in love; they’re so stupid. I’m better than those idiots. That man is sooo easy! They’re lucky to know me. Dumbs–ts. They make me sick. Whining losers. Emotions are for weaklings and dumba–es. It’s so easy to take whatever I want from these stupid people. If they won’t give it to me; I’ll take it. If she doesn’t shut up I might have to knock her head against the wall.

They know what they are. They hate us.

How Do Sociopaths Think?

This D.I.Y. Guide to a sociopath’s psyche  puts their bizarre behavior into perspective. It highlights the consistent actions, habits and the thinking of sociopaths. Behind the daily mundane actions and the mean or kind things they do or say is one thing and one thing only: The desire to control us so they can take from us. Understand the characteristics of a sociopath to gain our freedom from these parasitic monsters. They know they’re different from other people and they think they’re better than everyone. They even believe they aren’t so bad – just smarter than us.

sociopaths have brain abnormalities visible in brain scans.
They don’t have intimacy issues because of that abuse sob story.
They have intimacy issues because they feel no biological ability to bond or care.

How Can Sociopaths Do What They Do?

Whether we call them sociopaths, narcopaths, narcs or narcissists they’re all alike. How can they do the things they do…?! Their brain is not like ours. They are born with an abnormal brain that feels no positive bonding emotions. Think about that for a bit. It’s incredibly hard to comprehend the vast emptiness left up there. They have three things going on in their upstairs hamster wheel: Want and take and mad if someone gets in their way. They are utterly without conscience – they use our conscience against us. – Otherwise – they’re pretty stupid – just cunning.

They are compete frauds. These aren’t relationships. They’re crimes.

Sociopaths are simple creatures whose motivation is twofold:
To get anything they want – and to get away with it. That’s it.

imagesTheir brains are pretty empty. They do not feel or “be” any of these in a positive way: sentimental, generous, loving, kind, hurt, guilty, sorry, sweet, emotional, reminiscent, obligated, protective, parental, concerned, empathetic, compassionate, joyful, giving, wistful, regretful, magnanimous, benevolent, charitable, in love, responsible, accountable, dependable, fair, regretful, understanding, humble, soft-spoken, goodness, thoughtful, caring, devotional, faithful, loyal, friendship, camaraderie, like others, part of  a group, love for their parents, love for their children, love – at all – or any other human emotion we experience that is the very heart; the depth and breath – the purpose of life. These parasitic manipulators are everywhere. We can disarm them.

D.I.Y. Guide To Detect Sociopaths

Behavior of a Sociopath:

They don’t say much in detail about themselves.
Show themselves as humanitarians, or fighters for justice, or do-gooders.
Sometimes seem naive.
Get restless and bored.
Give the impression of being sincere and humble.
When meeting someone new they want to hear about the other person.
Use “agreement” to make a feeling of trust and intimacy.
Periods of hyperactivity contrasted with heavy down time.
Says one thing, then another on the same topic, contradicting themselves.
Hate at least one family member.
Tell tales of being used, victimized, blamed, cheated on, denied access.
Will “play dead” as a joke, especially with intimate, longer term victims.
Talk about dying and killing themselves with longer term victims.
Consistently reveal their true self in bizarre statements.
Hesitate before responding. (They’re thinking up their lie.)
Have inappropriate, odd responses sometimes in normal situations.
Have hidden hedonistic sexual habits and drug use.
Don’t show signs of normal emotional responses sometimes.
Don’t keep jobs long.
Can have powerful influence in politics, government and religious organizations.
Careless with material possessions. Can leave their things behind.
Some pose as religious and righteous.
Entertain when in a crowd.
Have different sounding  voices that almost seem like different people: excited, flat, rage.
Get super angry over what they see as an insult.
Some can present any economic strata, gender, sexuality, age, culture – they’re shape-shifters.

Sociopaths Have Different Brains Than Normal People

1d4ff4ff3National Geographic made an informative video about anti-social psychopaths aka sociopaths in our midst. This is an incredibly comprehensive video. Watch it here and take what you can from it. It’s an interview with an ordinary sociopath – a guy we’ve all likely seen around somewhere.

This – is a sociopath: Live off others, hate rules. Romance is for idiots. Let others pay their way. Fight, steal, make excuses. Sociopaths themselves proclaim they have no problems with harming others. They like it. Run from these people. They are not ever going to be nice. Nothing about them is nice or okay.

Unthinkable Things a Sociopath does with Ease, with no Guilt, with no Regret:

Fake paternity: deny parentage or falsely claim it – especially on Facebook. Steal money or possessions from a spouse, lover, partner. Lie about all things. Have affairs with married people. Impregnate and abandon. Hide money from a partner. Lie to authorities. Have affairs while in another “relationship”. Gain citizenship through fraud. Have two phones – one’s a secret. Have many relationships simultaneously. Never pay their way financially. Use a different name. Hide things about where they go, purchases or car rentals. They don’t typically pay taxes or follow most societal conventions of legality.

What we think we know about the sociopath
who hijacked us is not even the tip of the iceberg.

Don’t wait to find out more. Go No Contact.

Fake illness. Leave for days. Use silent treatment to avoid talking. Marry for ulterior motives such as houses, cars, access to countries. Use online social media and dating sites to fish prey. Are very mean to keep control. Be overly kind to keep control. Keep a partner from having money of their own.

Withhold sex as control. Physical abuse. Change phone numbers frequently. Use and apprehend any belongings of their lovers, friends, spouses, girlfriends, partners or from other sources. Make bold claims about glorious accomplishments. Promise many things. Place their victims in position of being liable for their crimes.

NY Times story on one of the latest Sociopaths put behind bars.

We tend to give the sociopath’s machinations more importance than they have. We imagine their ploys require “intelligence”. – They seem to be doing things that need masterminding because they’re doing things we’d never think of doing or dare to do. But when there is no concern for other people, no sense of responsibility, or obligation to society, family, friends, humanity, or any living being other than self – allowing one to carry out any action to gain a desire – is that intelligence? Or is it simply the “freedom” of not caring? ~ Jennifer Smith

Sociopaths Fake Pretty Much Everything

Sociopaths avoid work – do not “earn” their livelihood. Pass STD’s. Demand a partner to stop practicing a religious faith. Ruin others with false declarations about them. Lie in court. Lie to immigration. Block wives, girlfriends from their social media. Abandon their children. Lie to their children. Obtain fake passports. Use fake ID’s. Never have a real address. Use two or more Facebook accounts with different identities. Control and abuse children just as they do adults. Harm is deliberate. Claim fame that doesn’t exist. Use someone else’s social security number. Claim talents and skills they don’t have. Fake education. Leave prey holding the bag for their debts.

Good to Know: This description of a Sociopath is not to be confused with NPD, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, aka Narcissists. These are Sociopaths aka persons of Antisocial Personality Disorder aka Antisocial Psychopaths. Sociopaths are narcissistic, but a Narcissist is not a Sociopath. – A Narcissist is something else even though many time people say “Narcissist”when talking about a Sociopath.

What Sociopaths Don’t Want Us to Know

Behaviors Kept Under Wraps. D.I.Y. Guide to Detect Sociopaths:

Genderless sexuality and are promiscuous. Changeable and flexible sexuality – any gender will do since there is no love or emotional connection. Violent sex habits. Sleep with strangers. Focus on anal sex. Favor unprotected sex. Sex addictions and porn addictions. Some see prostitutes. Alcohol addiction. Gambling addiction. Drug use and addictions. Deep fear of discovery. Vanity. Fear of losing their prey. Taking deep offence to and retaliate at perceived insults or snubs. Violent behavior. Fights at bars, or clubs. Stealing. Has thoughts of wanting to choke or beat people. Never keep work anywhere long or do “contract & “freelance” work to avoid long term situations they are unable to maintain. Don’t really work at all. Don’t pay taxes. They have a hidden life. Another family. Have more than two families. Have more than one name. Have hidden criminal records. Have hidden phones with different numbers. Are older they say. They fear for their sanity. They know exactly what they’re doing. Impulsive violence. Uncontrollable rage. Manslaughter. Murder. Defraud governments and agencies. Embezzle. Sells drugs. Pimp. Really and truly couldn’t care less.

Sociopaths, Narcopaths, Narcs Need Others to Believe Them To Exist

 Here’s the best part: They don’t exist unless we believe them. Recognize them for what they are. Exit stage left or get them gone. Go no contact, trust out gut! We are our own Angels! We are Super Heroes!

Here’s to REAL True Love and Happiness!

Time to thrive!

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