Block Sociopaths on Facebook – D.I.Y. Guide

Going No Contact is a must. 
BLOCK sociopaths on Facebook. Email. Twitter. All of it.
Easy-Peasy D.I.Y. Guide.

Blocking sociopaths on Facebook and all social media is a must. Every application from Facebook, to Tumblr to Twitter to WhatsApp has more than one method of BLOCKING sociopaths – or anyone linked to them, or just absolutely anyone. Every social media app and software has privacy settings. Use them. They’re under account settings.

We all feel the narc/sociopath is following us, watching us.
It’s part of the PTSD after a sociopath.
They might be. Or they might be face down in a gutter somewhere  : )

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BLOCKING sociopaths on Facebook is magic.
It’s like they disappear. And so do we from their point of view. They won’t be notified we blocked them. We just vanish. They won’t be able to see our page or our activity. We won’t see them either.

Knowing we’re off their radar is a heavenly feeling. They disappear in the ether. Fade with the setting sun. Poof away on a cloud. It’s part of Sociopaths & No Contact. We wanna block them and their side-kicks from our phones, Twitter, Facebook, email, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Meet Up.

Just think: Block the from absolutely every part of our life. Forever. It’s part of Leaving a Sociopath – 5 Break Up Musts. It’s needed to recover. It’s a gift of modern technology. 

Sociopaths use Facebook and social media to stalk and hunt prey. They misrepresent themselves as cool, successful awesome and single sexy men or women. – No matter how many kids and wives they really have. Sometimes they post pictures of the kids they’ve abandoned to seem like great parents – especially the men, who know women fall for a guy who loves his kids. They are none of those things. They are revolting.

There are laws coming along in a few major places, New York is one, under which misrepresentation of oneself on social media for defrauding, larceny and marriage scam will be a crime by law. Very good. In the meantime sociopaths use social media – especially Facebook to not only hunt, but keep tabs on their victims. They usually make alias Facebook pages for spying. – But that’s okay we can get around that. Read on.

As disgusting and creepy as it is, the narcissistic ugly sociopath who just exited may be checking up on us. Sociopaths like to keep tabs for two main reasons: Control and Control.

  1. Monitor for any danger as far as police, FBI and other reports we might make on them.
  2. They want to keep the door open for future scamming – yes – they have an annoying boomerang quality.

The return of the sociopath in texts, emails isn’t uncommon. It’s called “hoovering” – as in they’re trying to Hoover (like the vacuum cleaner) us back in. The fact they can’t reach us sends the only message a sociopath understands. No More Access. Zero. Party Over. You don’t exist.

Omg they hate that. It forces them onto new prey. They can’t spend time chasing a cash cow  – that’s how they see us – that isn’t accessible.  It makes them know we know what they are. It gives us the power. This weakens them. It takes wind out of their sails. They stagger back a bit and have to catch their breath to step back in the game. It’s a punch to the neck.

Heal. Take in a full breath of air. Let our shoulders drop. Smile. Weep. Renew.

Before the details of FB blocking keep in mind and follow 2 general digital device rules: – On every device turn of “location” settings or finding unless you need your GPS, use it and then turn it off again. – Don’t “check-in” anywhere you are – the free soda isn’t worth the anxiety.

BLOCK her.
BLOCK him.
BLOCK anyone connected to them.

The sociopath we’re blocking on Facebook won’t know they’ve been blocked. After blocking sociopaths they won’t be able to see any of our activity on Facebook. None. No mutual friend comments, our page, our likes, who our friends are… none of it. Nothing.

If we UNBLOCK someone on Facebook there’s a 24 hour waiting period before we can block them again. That means during that time they can see our page too.

There’s more than one way to activate any function on Facebook.

There are more super cool blocking techniques. Consider making a new Facebook account that hides our identity, using an alias. Or we can “Create A Page” from our own original Facebook account. BLOCK the nutter and their team of flying monkeys from which ever method we chose. Here’s how it goes:

How to BLOCK Sociopaths on Facebook.

Log into your Facebook account.

Look at the top of the page, along the blue bar, find the little Padlock with 3 lines behind it. That’s the magic button. CLICK and HOLD.

(Looking across the top the Padlock is the 5th option over: Left to right, “Our Name”, “Home”. The double people representing “Friends”. The text conversation symbol for “Messages” and the incredible “Padlock”.)

A drop down menu will appear. Go to the 3rd one down, the little circle with a bar inside it. CLICK it.

Type in the name of the sociopath we want to block, CLICK the button next to the name field. The button says “BLOCK”. Click that thing. Facebook is so cute, it will ask us if we’re sure we want to BLOCK Sh#t P#nts!! Lol! Yes. We do.

Do the same process to block anyone connected to them that’s still in their fan club.

Other Privacy Settings to Adjust.

Make your Facebook page “Private”. This means only friends can see it. The only thing others can see is our profile picture and our background picture. Only friends can access our photos or friend list. We can get even more limiting than that. Read on.

From the same Padlock drop box. Select the top option: “Who Can See My Stuff.”

Change the settings: “Public” to “Friends”, or “Only Me” or “Customize” which lets you select who can see your page, person by person.

We can also chose who sees which posts as we post them. Play around with it as we make posts. Anything can be reset and changed. Posting pictures of kids and other really personal posts are best left un-posted or posted with customized visibility.

Keep people from sending you messages. Change this in “Who can Contact Me.” Anyone we’ve BLOCKED already cannot message us.

Select the 3rd option under the Padlock icon: Who can Contact Me.

Select who can send you private messages, and who can send you friend requests. Awesome tool.

Last in the drop down menu under that gorgeous Padlock is: See More Settings & Privacy Basics.

Select these to see more privacy options and understand the Facebook parameters and our control of our account.

Facebook allows us to change our name ONCE – ONE TIME – on a current Facebook account. It’s in Account Settings and Profile. That’s an option. Then make it private, and block the monsters.

Create a New Facebook Account.

Since some sociopaths know ways around being blocked – surprise, surprise – we can get around that by:

Making a new Facebook page. Just like they do. Make an email in Yahoo or Gmail that is not your actual name. Then set up a new FB account using that name and email. Make a brand new password we’ve never used. Write all this down somewhere so we don’t forget it later to login, and for our records. Enter any birthday we like, go ahead shave off a few years.  Enter an old phone number. Once this is set up we can use this FB account to skip around on the support pages you like. The loon can’t see you. Like and comment away.

It’s perfectly legit to make a new account.

Block sociopaths on social media and from our online moves. It’s best not to post personal pictures or pictures of our kids or anything that reveals who we are. – That’s the point, right? It’s a great outlet to emote away anonymously!  Use this account to participate in forums, and Facebook pages like true love scam’s page.

Don’t give your phone number to Facebook. They ask for it for security. If you have already, it can be removed or updated or, you can select who can see you number as well as who can see your email address. Make sure they’re hidden away. (Added protection from telemarketing and ads too.)

Even on this new page, for extra tight security,
BLOCK her and all mutual friends or connections.

Another option is to “Create a Page”.

From your actual Facebook account we create a separate page that is accessed by us from our own, real original Facebook page. You can toggle between the two. Anything you do as the “Page” is not seen on your original page and vice-versa. Whatever you post or like or comment on as the “Page”, on the “Page”, or anywhere else on Facebook, is not seen on your personal “real you” Facebook page. Follow the prompts for setting it up.

Call the page, that is set “your name”, “first and last” as anything, like: Moving On. Or Rising Above. Or Jet Ski. LoL! Classify it as a community page, or an education page, or personal blog. You’ll see what that means when you’re in there tooling around. You can always delete the page and start over once you see how it works.

To Post and move around Facebook as the Page you Created, is little odd to figure out, but once you get it it’s a piece of cake.

Look across the top of your page – the Real You one.

Look at the blue bar again, See YOUR NAME, HOME, FRIENDS icon, MESSAGE icon, GLOBE icon, PADLOCK, then the little down pointing arrow? Last thing on the right? CLICK and HOLD that arrow. A drop menu will appear.

That’s the toggle between the two pages. Select: Page You Created. Your page will switch from Real You to Page You Created.

Now while posting and commenting as Page you Created, “Real You” doesn’t show. Anywhere. Nowhere. Real You is invisible.

Go back and forth as you like. Always check the drop down little icon on each post to see “Who” you are commenting or “liking” as – you or your new page.

Some software, apps etc., will say: TO POST YOU MUST SWITCH FROM “Page You Created” to “Real You Page.” Go ahead. It doesn’t show up as Real You, but as Page You Created.

To post and SHARE from blogs and Facebook pages. CLICK the SHARE and little swooshy arrow symbol running along the bottom of a post – over from LIKE and COMMENT. A new box will pop up on your monitor. They ask if we’re POSTING AS: YOUR PAGE or A PAGE YOU MANAGE, Choose A PAGE YOU MANAGE and the drop menu will appear – choose Page You Created.

By the way, you can create multiple pages. Some people have a fan page or a business page: Facebook is powerful. The true love scam blog and others like it need the Facebook community. The SHARES, The COMMENTS, The LIKES and clicking the LIKE the page button found at the right side, in the pages background image, bring it more and more out to the world to help others going through the same thing. This is how Facebook functions. It’s common Facebook etiquette to credit the Facebook page you’re sharing from. The default setting, nothing we have to adjust should show the share as: Page You Created sharing via True Love Scam, or via Narcissists, Sociopaths, Flying Monkeys, Oh My, or via 60 Shades of Wrong, or where ever you’re Sharing a post from. If not, add it in, it’s a good thing to do.

To be clear example: the True Love Scam page, is a “Page I Created” off my actual, real Facebook page. As you might have experienced, a reader of the true love scam Facebook page has no idea who the page is created by. There’s no personal information or any access to the person behind the page. (Even this blog is written under a pseudonym.)

No matter which method you choose, BLOCK her.
And her little friends too.

Keep no contact with anyone connected to him. definitely block and keep no contact with people who like and believe in him AND those who don’t see what the big deal is. As we all know – it’s a HUGE deal, anyone who sits on the fence as far as whether or not the malignant narcissist or sociopath who ripped a hole in our lives is nice or not is someone we don’t need. We don’t need to make a fuss over it. Just quietly cut them loose. They’ll never notice.

How to BLOCK Sociopaths from our Phones.

Sociopaths don’t change their numbers unless they’re in deep-deep-doo-doo because they want all ex’s and others to have access. They like to keep connections to prey. They like to prolong and reinstate the 5 stages of true love scam. They do, however block former prey they fear.

If they want to try to bring us back in, or keep us on the hook for further control of our behavior to protect themselves, they’ll be calling, texting, emailing and messaging. Read more again, here about hoovering.

The best method is to get a new number. Maybe even a fresh new phone. Not a bad idea. Either way BLOCK their calls. Even in a new device. Makes us feel super good.

To block sociopaths from getting through on our cell phone or land line call our phone service provider and ask them to block calls from the number we don’t want any calls from.


Log onto our online account and enter the number we wish to block.

They won’t know they’re blocked. They aren’t notified. The call simply won’t go through. We don’t even see that they tried to call us. It’s sheer heaven and lifts about 800 pounds of stress of us right away. Seriously. It is very critical we do this for ourselves. We deserve it.

Don’t answer calls from numbers without names showing up in our caller ID. In other words don’t answer calls from numbers we didn’t program into our address book or don’t recognize. If the sociopath is still after us they’ll call from several different numbers when ours is blocked to them. Just don’t answer; maybe add those numbers to the blocked list. After a time they give up. Because we said: Not Talking to You, by not answering. The only thing they understand.

If it’s a for real call from someone who wants us for good reason, they’ll leave a message. Ir not, they aren’t anyone we want to talk with.

To check on the numbers we don’t recognize type them in Google search. There will be results basic enough to let us know if it’s a telemarketer, debt collector or a telefundraising number.

Turn off locations for any commenting online on our phones. Turn it on only to use our GPS.

How to BLOCK Sociopaths from our Email.

Mark their emails as spam. Consider them gone.

Save Texts, Emails, Voice Mails as Evidence.

Keep all old messages, contacts and images somewhere in our phones, laptops, etc., in a special folder for possible evidence for annulments, or divorces or child custody issues.

If we get a new phone keep the old one for the back log of evidence. It will still connect to the internet, photos will be there, WhatsApp, SMS, texts. In or out going calling won’t function. A handy storage device.

All of this is part of what we need to do to move forward and cycle through the 4 stages of true love scam recovery.

Our new phone with its new number is free and clear.
Just like us: free and clear!

Here’s to REAL True Love and Happiness!

Time to thrive!

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