After a Sociopath Privacy Matters

After a sociopath blows through our world privacy is supreme.
Online and our cell phones we want to be invisible.
We can remain anonymous until our heart stops pounding.

telephone2Let’s be real. We’re scared out of our gourd. There is a time period of terror after the sociopath is gone, after no contact we’re still spooked. For sure. For a while. For a long time. Privacy becomes a real issue that may have been very much on the back burner before we were burned by a sociopath.

There are lots of ways to be more private that make sense all the time – not just now, but always. Things like not giving out our address, email and cell number here and there. Aside from side-stepping bill collectors who may now be haunting us (more on that later), and the sociopath hoovering – we can stop spam emails, fundraising calls, carpet cleaner’s calling with special offers.

Who’d have thought our phone ringing could send us into such a panic?
Terrorize us, really…? Well now it does.
There are things we can do.

Block Random Incoming Calls

Put ourselves on the National “Do Not Call” Registry. Do this here. This is the Official Website – a US Government site for putting our number on a list that keeps telemarketers from calling us. No windshield repair calls, no carpet cleaning calls, no new credit card calls.

This does not effect tele-fundraising calls! They’re different. Non-profits are exempt from this government “do not call” listing. So, do this: If you get a call from Telefund or GiveRight, or Donor Services Group, or others calling on “behalf of” any political campaign or cause such as, The Nature Conservancy, The ACLU, The Humane Society, the ASPCA, Smile Train, Habitat for Humanity, and the like, don’t yell at the miserable person on the other end just trying to make a barely-survival-level living in this type of hideous work – but, do say, right away: “Please, take me off your calling list.” That’s it.

Saying, “I don’t take these calls,” will not get you off the list. That person on the headset at a computer terminal on an auto-computerized phone-dialer system has very little power, and is not directly affiliated with that non-profit cause you love, but is an employee of the boiler-room, subcontracted fundraising house hired by the non-profit.

Exception: I have found absolute security and respect with PayPal and AMAZON.
Seriously. And ETSY. – I use them freely.

Cell Phone Privacy

Cell Phones:

Get a new cell phone. Consider this: skip transferring old contacts. Start fresh.
Get a new cell phone number. Verizon has an automated system for this.
Or get a new old-school landline.
Screen all calls.
Don’t pick up calls from BLOCKED or UNKNOWN or UNAVAILABLE and the like.
Turn off “Locations” in Settings, unless we’re getting driving directions or mapping on in GPS or ordering a Lyft.

Important to Remember: When we change our cell number be sure to update our number in the Lyft app in our phone, with our mom – skip the dentist, our Verizon account, our Facebook page – they do not nee dour number. Give it out only to the people we want calling us. — This means absolutely no one connected to you-know-who.

Keep People From Seeing Our Number

And so wonderful: Block our outgoing number when we make calls!! How? *67. That’s it. Dial *67 before touching in the rest of the number. The other person will see: ANONYMOUS or PRIVATE or some such indicator on their caller ID or cell screen. Voila! – This is for North America.

In Europe and New Zealand and Australia push #31# before the number you’re calling on Global System for Mobile cell phones (GSM).

Stop giving out our number:

Don’t enter our telephone number online anywhere.
Use a dummy number – maybe an old number of our own.
When signing up for store club cards enter 888-888-8888. Really they don’t need a phone number AT ALL in order to work for us and accumulate shopping points.
Don’t enter our number online for social media accounts.
GIve a dummy number when signing up for drugstore and market “club” cards – totally legit to do this.
Use a dummy number everywhere – unless they need to text verify. Then consider how much we want whatever it is you’re signing up for.

When on a call with AT&T and they say, “What number can I use to reach you in case we get disconnected?” Say: You can’t. They will be politely flabbergasted. They will ask 2 or 3 more times as they’re trained to do. Be firm. Say, “There is not a call back number.” – How about don’t get disconnected? How about call me from within the office in the US instead of a call center in India or Mexico…? – Okay that’s another topic.

Make an Alias Email – Not Our Name


Make a new email address in a format that doesn’t identify us by name. Also – preferably one that doesn’t reflect our current circumstances such as narcsurvivor@- or kikdsociopathtothecurb@-, or afterhell@-, or postapocalypse@-. You get the idea, we’ll grow out of these and really not like them very quickly – this is not who we are. Use the new email to set up social media accounts like Facebook.Find out more about making an alias FB account here. Make a fresh new email and online identity. Chose something glorious.

Secure Legal ID and Financial Privacy

Social Security number:

Stop punching in our SS number in keypads in queues in our cell while calling our auto insurance, healthcare etc. Use our member ID numbers. Put an alert on our Social Security number for fraud. Go here: Follow this link to the Official US Government Social Security site.

Debit Cards:

Change our PIN every 3 – 6 months. Definitely change it after the sociopath.

Credit Cards:

Don’t buy what we can’t afford. Paradoxically: Use them.

When a sale goes wrong, or a product or service isn’t what we expect we’re protected. If the vendor or retailer won’t refund our money for what ever reason or if we prefer a refund this way: we can call the card issuer and ask for a “charge back.” Credit card companies are always on the side of the consumer.

Did you know you can ask for lower interest once every 6 months? All we do is call and ask them too. They’ll say, “Let me look that up and see what’s available.” If they can, they do it. Sometimes they say, “No” – other times “Yes”. Try it regularly. It all depends on their business circumstances and cycles and our standing. Ask.

Our Credit History and Credit Report

Credit Report:

Get our free credit report and FICO score here. Click here. This is the Official site. It’s FREE to get our credit report! Don’t pay anyone for it. We can get our report once per year. This is a good time to do it.

We are awesome. We’re our own Angels. We are Super Heroes!

Here’s to REAL True Love and Happiness!

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