2 Ways to Be Safe After Getting Away From a Sociopath

Getting away from a sociopath is gut wrenching.
Get them gone for good.
Safety is number 1.


Aside from going into a witness protection program, dying our hair and moving to Siberia how can we feel safe after getting away from a sociopath?

There are 2 things we can do that keep us quite safe after getting away from a sociopath. These are entirely in our hands, it’s in our control. These two things are how we get away from them and how we stay Hoover-proof.

What do we do to stay safe after getting
away from a sociopath?

We go: No Contact. And become a: Non Threat

Even sociopaths have a weakness.

Sociopaths may seem all braggy-pants and domineering. And – they are. But they’re also scared out of their gourds of one thing: being exposed for what they are. And using this great fear is how we make ourselves sociopath free and Hoover-proof.

The first aspect we’ve heard alot about: No Contact.

Are you sick of this one yet? I hope not, because there’s nothing better. And – there doesn’t need to be. A sociopath can’t do much if we’re out of reach. SImple. Go no contact. Read about it here and here. No contact is number-1 critical for stopping a sociopath in their tracks.

The 2nd tactic for our safety and protection is to become a: Non-Threat.

To understand this let’s look at what’s going on in that hamster wheel of a brain sociopaths have:

“Take and get whatever I want.
Never be caught or exposed.
Do whatever it takes to make that happen.
Feel high when I’m taking and things are going good.
Scared out of their skin when things go south.
Every scam will end.
That makes me crazy mad.”

Play and repeat. Play and repeat. Play and repeat.

To assuage their fear they will do anything. By the end of every true love scam they’ve caused a lot of damage – even if we don’t really know the depths of this yet. They know. They like to control the end of scams to make sure there’s no trouble coming their way. They even start dropping hints, “You deserve better than me.” And, “You wouldn’t want me if you knew what I was really like.” — Well. They’re right about some things.

They might say: “It’s your fault. You’re so stupid.” They’re very wrong about that. Something is super off and we know. We might be pretty sure they have another woman – or man. And we figured out they lied to us a jillion times.

Next time they say, “I’m done.” – Agree. Say, “Yah, you know, you’re right. We should end this.” Then let them go.  – Let them go. Pack for them. Answer magnanimously, “Yep. You’re right. I think you deserve to start your new life without me tonight.” – Send them out the door. without making a peep. – Then call a locksmith. Pronto.

What Happens After Making a Police Report in the USA: Unfortunately – not a lot. On the other hand, it could bring about their complete undoing. When police take a “crime report” from us after the criminal event, the next thing they do is send it to the District Attorney’s Office. There, a law clerk reads it over and decides if this is a case worthy of pressing charges. If so, an arrest warrant is made out and the police eventually might arrest the culprit. If they don’t find the creep the warrant remains in the books – until. Until he or she gets busted for something else. — The problem is – the police are not so great at writing down what we tell them. We say “this and this” happened, but when we order a copy of the police report for $35 and it arrives in the mail – we might be surprised to find the desk officer wrote down: “that and which.” – And of course “that and which” is rejected at the DA’s office as a real crime to go get the jerk for. – Make our own report in a letter directly to the DA. If they feel it’s worthy of criminal charges – they start the arrest procedure; if not at least there’s an accurate paper trail on whats-his-name.

Every true love scam comes to an end.

Sociopaths do move on. If this candy store is closed they have to go where the money and shelter is. They look at normal people as something like a giant mall. They have a lot of us “stores” at one time.

Because of their limited brains, they operate from whatever is presented to them. We really can tell them anything to get them away from us, get our bank accounts out of their hands and to make other barriers. Their entire world is fake and lies and made up stories.

We can tell them anything.

No matter how heinous their abuse has been, let them go quietly. Let them think we’re a non-threat. Let them think we feel like we messed up and lost them – but only do this verbally – never write it in an email or text. Whatever it takes to get them out the door of our lives and close it tight. Go dark. – No contact. – Non-threat.

They don’t get away with anything.
They all end up in a dark alley with the stuffing kicked out of them.
Figuratively or in actuality.

If they committed legit on-the-books crimes and we have solid court-admissable proof consider the legal route. Always get divorces –  which we can get with or without them being present. Or fight for an annulment. Always report to immigration and FBI, Interpol, FIS and the like where applicable.

National Police in various Countries

What’s considered criminal or civil harassment varies State to State within the USA.

And is different country to country, here’s news on Canadian harassment law.

Domestic violence laws in Australia and New Zealand.

Here’s to REAL True Love and Happiness!

Time to Thrive!

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